Interface Technology Basics  VST 3.7
SDK for developing VST plug-in
IPtr< I > Member List

This is the complete list of members for IPtr< I >, including all inherited members.

adopt(T *obj) SMTG_NOEXCEPTIPtr< I >inlinestatic
get() constIPtr< I >inline
IPtr(I *ptr, bool addRef=true)IPtr< I >inline
IPtr(const IPtr &)IPtr< I >inline
IPtr(const IPtr< T > &other)IPtr< I >inline
IPtr()IPtr< I >inline
IPtr(const IPtr< I > &other)IPtr< I >inline
operator I *() constIPtr< I >inline
operator->() constIPtr< I >inline
operator=(I *ptr)IPtr< I >inline
operator=(const IPtr &other)IPtr< I >inline
operator=(const IPtr< T > &other)IPtr< I >inline
operator=(const IPtr< I > &_ptr)IPtr< I >inline
ptrIPtr< I >protected
reset(I *obj=nullptr)IPtr< I >inline
take() SMTG_NOEXCEPTIPtr< I >inline
~IPtr()IPtr< I >inline

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