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ViewSizeAnimation Class Reference

animates the view size of the view More...

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Public Member Functions

 ViewSizeAnimation (const CRect &newRect, bool forceEndValueOnFinish=false)
void animationStart (CView *view, IdStringPtr name) override
 animation starts More...
void animationTick (CView *view, IdStringPtr name, float pos) override
 pos is a normalized value between zero and one More...
void animationFinished (CView *view, IdStringPtr name, bool wasCanceled) override
 animation ended More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from IAnimationTarget
virtual ~IAnimationTarget () noexcept=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from ReferenceCounted< T >
 ReferenceCounted ()=default
virtual ~ReferenceCounted () noexcept=default
 ReferenceCounted (const ReferenceCounted &)
ReferenceCountedoperator= (const ReferenceCounted &)
void forget () override
 decrease refcount and delete object if refcount == 0 More...
void remember () override
 increase refcount More...
virtual int32_t getNbReference () const
 get refcount More...
virtual void beforeDelete ()

Protected Attributes

CRect startRect
CRect newRect
bool forceEndValueOnFinish

Detailed Description

animates the view size of the view

see Animations Support

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ViewSizeAnimation()

ViewSizeAnimation ( const CRect newRect,
bool  forceEndValueOnFinish = false 

Member Function Documentation

◆ animationFinished()

void animationFinished ( CView view,
IdStringPtr  name,
bool  wasCanceled 

animation ended

Implements IAnimationTarget.

◆ animationStart()

void animationStart ( CView view,
IdStringPtr  name 

animation starts

Implements IAnimationTarget.

◆ animationTick()

void animationTick ( CView view,
IdStringPtr  name,
float  pos 

pos is a normalized value between zero and one

Implements IAnimationTarget.

Member Data Documentation

◆ forceEndValueOnFinish

bool forceEndValueOnFinish

◆ newRect

CRect newRect

◆ startRect

CRect startRect

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