VSTGUI  4.10
Graphical User Interface Framework not only for VST plugins
CompressedUIDescription Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  SaveFlags { kNoPlainUIDescFileBackup = 1 << NoPlainUIDescFileBackupBit, kForceWriteCompressedDesc = 1 << ForceWriteCompressedDesc, kNoPlainXmlFileBackup = kNoPlainUIDescFileBackup }
- Public Types inherited from UIDescription
enum  SaveFlags {
  kWriteWindowsResourceFile = 1 << WriteWindowsResourceFileBit, kWriteImagesIntoUIDescFile = 1 << WriteImagesIntoUIDescFileBit, kDoNotVerifyImageData = 1 << DoNotVerifyImageDataBit, kWriteAsXML = 1 << WriteAsXmlBit,
  kWriteImagesIntoXMLFile = kWriteImagesIntoUIDescFile, kDoNotVerifyImageXMLData = kDoNotVerifyImageData
using FocusDrawing = FocusDrawingSettings

Public Member Functions

 CompressedUIDescription (const CResourceDescription &compressedUIDescFile)
bool parse () override
bool save (UTF8StringPtr filename, int32_t flags=kWriteWindowsResourceFile) override
bool getOriginalIsCompressed () const
void setCompressionLevel (uint32_t level)
- Public Member Functions inherited from UIDescription
 UIDescription (const CResourceDescription &uidescFile, IViewFactory *viewFactory=nullptr)
 UIDescription (IContentProvider *contentProvider, IViewFactory *viewFactory=nullptr)
 ~UIDescription () noexcept override
virtual bool saveWindowsRCFile (UTF8StringPtr filename)
bool storeViews (const std::list< CView * > &views, OutputStream &stream, UIAttributes *customData=nullptr) const
bool restoreViews (InputStream &stream, std::list< SharedPointer< CView > > &views, UIAttributes **customData=nullptr)
UTF8StringPtr getFilePath () const
void setFilePath (UTF8StringPtr path)
void setSharedResources (const SharedPointer< UIDescription > &resources)
const SharedPointer< UIDescription > & getSharedResources () const
const UIAttributesgetViewAttributes (UTF8StringPtr name) const
void setController (IController *controller) const
CViewcreateView (UTF8StringPtr name, IController *controller) const override
CBitmapgetBitmap (UTF8StringPtr name) const override
CFontRef getFont (UTF8StringPtr name) const override
bool getColor (UTF8StringPtr name, CColor &color) const override
CGradientgetGradient (UTF8StringPtr name) const override
int32_t getTagForName (UTF8StringPtr name) const override
IControlListenergetControlListener (UTF8StringPtr name) const override
IControllergetController () const override
const IViewFactorygetViewFactory () const override
UTF8StringPtr lookupColorName (const CColor &color) const override
UTF8StringPtr lookupFontName (const CFontRef font) const override
UTF8StringPtr lookupBitmapName (const CBitmap *bitmap) const override
UTF8StringPtr lookupGradientName (const CGradient *gradient) const override
UTF8StringPtr lookupControlTagName (const int32_t tag) const override
bool getVariable (UTF8StringPtr name, double &value) const override
bool getVariable (UTF8StringPtr name, std::string &value) const override
void collectTemplateViewNames (std::list< const std::string * > &names) const override
void collectColorNames (std::list< const std::string * > &names) const override
void collectFontNames (std::list< const std::string * > &names) const override
void collectBitmapNames (std::list< const std::string * > &names) const override
void collectGradientNames (std::list< const std::string * > &names) const override
void collectControlTagNames (std::list< const std::string * > &names) const override
void changeColorName (UTF8StringPtr oldName, UTF8StringPtr newName)
void changeTagName (UTF8StringPtr oldName, UTF8StringPtr newName)
void changeFontName (UTF8StringPtr oldName, UTF8StringPtr newName)
void changeBitmapName (UTF8StringPtr oldName, UTF8StringPtr newName)
void changeGradientName (UTF8StringPtr oldName, UTF8StringPtr newName)
void changeColor (UTF8StringPtr name, const CColor &newColor)
void changeFont (UTF8StringPtr name, CFontRef newFont)
void changeGradient (UTF8StringPtr name, CGradient *newGradient)
void changeBitmap (UTF8StringPtr name, UTF8StringPtr newName, const CRect *nineparttiledOffset=nullptr)
void changeBitmapFilters (UTF8StringPtr bitmapName, const std::list< SharedPointer< UIAttributes > > &filters)
void collectBitmapFilters (UTF8StringPtr bitmapName, std::list< SharedPointer< UIAttributes > > &filters) const
void removeColor (UTF8StringPtr name)
void removeTag (UTF8StringPtr name)
void removeFont (UTF8StringPtr name)
void removeBitmap (UTF8StringPtr name)
void removeGradient (UTF8StringPtr name)
void changeAlternativeFontNames (UTF8StringPtr name, UTF8StringPtr alternativeFonts)
bool getAlternativeFontNames (UTF8StringPtr name, std::string &alternativeFonts) const
bool hasColorName (UTF8StringPtr name) const
bool hasTagName (UTF8StringPtr name) const
bool hasFontName (UTF8StringPtr name) const
bool hasBitmapName (UTF8StringPtr name) const
bool hasGradientName (UTF8StringPtr name) const
void updateViewDescription (UTF8StringPtr name, CView *view)
bool getTemplateNameFromView (CView *view, std::string &templateName) const
bool addNewTemplate (UTF8StringPtr name, const SharedPointer< UIAttributes > &attr)
bool removeTemplate (UTF8StringPtr name)
bool changeTemplateName (UTF8StringPtr name, UTF8StringPtr newName)
bool duplicateTemplate (UTF8StringPtr name, UTF8StringPtr duplicateName)
bool setCustomAttributes (UTF8StringPtr name, const SharedPointer< UIAttributes > &attr)
SharedPointer< UIAttributesgetCustomAttributes (UTF8StringPtr name) const
SharedPointer< UIAttributesgetCustomAttributes (UTF8StringPtr name, bool create)
bool getControlTagString (UTF8StringPtr tagName, std::string &tagString) const
bool changeControlTagString (UTF8StringPtr tagName, const std::string &newTagString, bool create=false)
bool calculateStringValue (UTF8StringPtr str, double &result) const
void registerListener (UIDescriptionListener *listener)
void unregisterListener (UIDescriptionListener *listener)
void setBitmapCreator (IBitmapCreator *bitmapCreator)
void setBitmapCreator2 (IBitmapCreator2 *bitmapCreator)
FocusDrawing getFocusDrawingSettings () const
void setFocusDrawingSettings (const FocusDrawing &fd)
void freePlatformResources ()
SharedPointer< UINode > getRootNode () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ReferenceCounted< T >
 ReferenceCounted ()=default
virtual ~ReferenceCounted () noexcept=default
 ReferenceCounted (const ReferenceCounted &)
ReferenceCountedoperator= (const ReferenceCounted &)
void forget () override
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void remember () override
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virtual int32_t getNbReference () const
 get refcount More...
virtual void beforeDelete ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUIDescription
virtual ~IUIDescription () noexcept=default

Protected Types

enum  CompressedSaveFlagBits { NoPlainUIDescFileBackupBit = UIDescription::LastSaveFlagBit, ForceWriteCompressedDesc, LastCompressedSaveFlagBit }
- Protected Types inherited from UIDescription
enum  SaveFlagBits {
  WriteWindowsResourceFileBit = 0, WriteImagesIntoUIDescFileBit, DoNotVerifyImageDataBit, WriteAsXmlBit,

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from UIDescription
static CViewAttributeID kTemplateNameAttributeID = 'uitl'
- Static Public Attributes inherited from IUIDescription
static IdStringPtr kCustomViewName = "custom-view-name"
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UIDescription
void addDefaultNodes ()
bool saveToStream (OutputStream &stream, int32_t flags)
bool parsed () const
void setContentProvider (IContentProvider *provider)
const CResourceDescriptiongetUIDescFile () const

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ CompressedSaveFlagBits

enum CompressedSaveFlagBits

◆ SaveFlags

enum SaveFlags

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CompressedUIDescription()

CompressedUIDescription ( const CResourceDescription compressedUIDescFile)

Member Function Documentation

◆ getOriginalIsCompressed()

bool getOriginalIsCompressed ( ) const

◆ parse()

bool parse ( )

Reimplemented from UIDescription.

◆ save()

bool save ( UTF8StringPtr  filename,
int32_t  flags = kWriteWindowsResourceFile 

Reimplemented from UIDescription.

◆ setCompressionLevel()

void setCompressionLevel ( uint32_t  level)

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