VSTGUI  4.10
Graphical User Interface Framework not only for VST plugins
CFontChooserUIDefinition Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 CFontChooserUIDefinition (CFontRef font=kSystemFont, const CColor &fontColor=kWhiteCColor, const CColor &selectionColor=kBlueCColor, const CColor &rowlineColor=kGreyCColor, const CColor &rowBackColor=kTransparentCColor, const CColor &rowAlternateBackColor=kTransparentCColor, const CColor &previewTextColor=kBlackCColor, const CColor &previewBackgroundColor=kWhiteCColor, const CColor &scrollbarScrollerColor=kBlueCColor, const CColor &scrollbarFrameColor=kBlackCColor, const CColor &scrollbarBackgroundColor=kGreyCColor, int32_t rowHeight=-1, CCoord scrollbarWidth=16)

Public Attributes

CFontRef font
int32_t rowHeight
CColor fontColor
CColor selectionColor
CColor rowlineColor
CColor rowBackColor
CColor rowAlternateBackColor
CColor previewTextColor
CColor previewBackgroundColor
CColor scrollbarScrollerColor
CColor scrollbarFrameColor
CColor scrollbarBackgroundColor
CCoord scrollbarWidth

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CFontChooserUIDefinition()

CFontChooserUIDefinition ( CFontRef  font = kSystemFont,
const CColor fontColor = kWhiteCColor,
const CColor selectionColor = kBlueCColor,
const CColor rowlineColor = kGreyCColor,
const CColor rowBackColor = kTransparentCColor,
const CColor rowAlternateBackColor = kTransparentCColor,
const CColor previewTextColor = kBlackCColor,
const CColor previewBackgroundColor = kWhiteCColor,
const CColor scrollbarScrollerColor = kBlueCColor,
const CColor scrollbarFrameColor = kBlackCColor,
const CColor scrollbarBackgroundColor = kGreyCColor,
int32_t  rowHeight = -1,
CCoord  scrollbarWidth = 16 

Member Data Documentation

◆ font

CFontRef font

◆ fontColor

CColor fontColor

◆ previewBackgroundColor

CColor previewBackgroundColor

◆ previewTextColor

CColor previewTextColor

◆ rowAlternateBackColor

CColor rowAlternateBackColor

◆ rowBackColor

CColor rowBackColor

◆ rowHeight

int32_t rowHeight

◆ rowlineColor

CColor rowlineColor

◆ scrollbarBackgroundColor

CColor scrollbarBackgroundColor

◆ scrollbarFrameColor

CColor scrollbarFrameColor

◆ scrollbarScrollerColor

CColor scrollbarScrollerColor

◆ scrollbarWidth

CCoord scrollbarWidth

◆ selectionColor

CColor selectionColor

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