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CRect Member List

This is the complete list of members for CRect, including all inherited members.

bound(const CRect &rect)CRectinline
centerInside(const CRect &r)CRectinline
CRect(CCoord left, CCoord top, CCoord right, CCoord bottom)CRectinline
CRect(const CRect &r)=defaultCRectinline
CRect(const CPoint &origin, const CPoint &size)CRectinline
extend(CCoord deltaX, CCoord deltaY)CRectinline
extend(const CPoint &p)CRectinline
getBottomCenter() const CRectinline
getBottomLeft() const CRectinline
getBottomRight() const CRectinline
getCenter() const CRectinline
getHeight() const CRectinline
getLeftCenter() const CRectinline
getRightCenter() const CRectinline
getSize() const CRectinline
getTopCenter() const CRectinline
getTopLeft() const CRectinline
getTopRight() const CRectinline
getWidth() const CRectinline
inset(CCoord deltaX, CCoord deltaY)CRectinline
inset(const CPoint &p)CRectinline
isEmpty() const CRectinline
moveTo(CCoord x, CCoord y)CRectinline
moveTo(const CPoint &p)CRectinline
offset(CCoord c)CRectinline
offset(CCoord x, CCoord y)CRectinline
offset(const CPoint &p)CRectinline
offsetInverse(const CPoint &p)CRectinline
operator!=(const CRect &other) const CRectinline
operator()(CCoord left, CCoord top, CCoord right, CCoord bottom)CRectinline
operator=(const CRect &r)=defaultCRectinline
operator==(const CRect &other) const CRectinline
pointInside(const CPoint &where) const CRectinline
rectInside(const CRect &rect) const CRectinline
rectOverlap(const CRect &rect) const CRectinline
setBottomLeft(const CPoint &inPoint)CRectinline
setBottomRight(const CPoint &inPoint)CRectinline
setHeight(CCoord height)CRectinline
setSize(const CPoint &size)CRectinline
setTopLeft(const CPoint &inPoint)CRectinline
setTopRight(const CPoint &inPoint)CRectinline
setWidth(CCoord width)CRectinline
unite(const CRect &rect)CRectinline