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Steinberg::Vst::PresetAttributes Namespace Reference

Predefined Preset Attributes. More...


const CString kPlugInName = "PlugInName"
 plug-in name
const CString kPlugInCategory = "PlugInCategory"
 eg. "Fx|Dynamics", "Instrument", "Instrument|Synth"
const CString kInstrument = "MusicalInstrument"
 eg. instrument group (like 'Piano' or 'Piano|A. Piano')
const CString kStyle = "MusicalStyle"
 eg. 'Pop', 'Jazz', 'Classic'
const CString kCharacter = "MusicalCharacter"
 eg. instrument nature (like 'Soft' 'Dry' 'Acoustic')
const CString kStateType = "StateType"
 Type of the given state see StateType : Project / Default Preset or Normal Preset.
const CString kFilePathStringType = "FilePathString"
 Full file path string (if available) where the preset comes from (be sure to use a bigger string when asking for it (with 1024 characters))
const CString kName = "Name"
 name of the preset
const CString kFileName = "FileName"
 filename of the preset (including extension)

Detailed Description

Predefined Preset Attributes.


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