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PolyPressureEvent Struct Reference

PolyPressure event specific data. More...

#include <ivstevents.h>

Public Attributes

int16 channel
 channel index in event bus More...
int16 pitch
 range [0, 127] = [C-2, G8] with A3=440Hz More...
float pressure
 range [0.0, 1.0] More...
int32 noteId
 event should be applied to the noteId (if not -1) More...

Detailed Description

PolyPressure event specific data.

Used in Event (union)

Member Data Documentation

◆ channel

int16 channel

channel index in event bus

◆ pitch

int16 pitch

range [0, 127] = [C-2, G8] with A3=440Hz

◆ pressure

float pressure

range [0.0, 1.0]

◆ noteId

int32 noteId

event should be applied to the noteId (if not -1)


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