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[3.1.0] KnobMode, Open Help & Open Aboutbox

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Edit controller component interface extension: Vst::IEditController2.

Extension to allow the host to inform the plug-in about the host knob mode (setKnobMode), and to open the plug-in's about box (openAboutBox) or help documentation (openHelp).


In mycontroller.h

class MyEditController : public ComponentBase, public IEditController, public IEditController2
    //---from IEditController2-------
    tresult PLUGIN_API setKnobMode (KnobMode mode) SMTG_OVERRIDE { hostKnobMode = mode; return kResultTrue; }
    tresult PLUGIN_API openHelp (TBool /*onlyCheck*/) SMTG_OVERRIDE;
    tresult PLUGIN_API openAboutBox (TBool /*onlyCheck*/) SMTG_OVERRIDE {return kResultFalse;}
        DEF_INTERFACE (IEditController)
        DEF_INTERFACE (IEditController2)

In mycontroller.cpp

tresult PLUGIN_API MyEditController::openHelp (TBool onlyCheck)
    if (onlyCheck)
        // the host just wants to know if i have a help documentation
        return kResultTrue;
    // here i can open my documentation
    // could in my UI documentation or external pdf file
    return kResultTrue;

See also IEditController, EditController.