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[3.5.0] Enhanced Linked Parameters

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Parameter editing from host: Vst::IEditControllerHostEditing.

This allows the host to start a parameter editing action which can generate other parameter changes (like linked parameters) and this in one session (between a beginEdit and endEdit). If this interface is implemented by the edit controller, and when performing edits from outside the plug-in (host / remote) of a not automatable, not read-only, and not hidden flagged parameter (kind of helper parameter), the host will start with a beginEditFromHost before calling setParamNormalized and end with an endEditFromHost. Here the sequence that the host will call:


plugEditController->beginEditFromHost (id);
plugEditController->setParamNormalized (id, value);
plugEditController->setParamNormalized (id, value + 0.1);
// ...
plugEditController->endEditFromHost (id);

See also IEditController.