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[3.7.11] Remap Paramater ID

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When a VST 3 plug-in intends to replace another one, whether it's an older version or a VST 2 version, it may be necessary to inform the host about parameter remapping. The IRemapParamID new plug-in interface facilitates such remapping.

There is two main use cases when a plug-in requires such remapping:

  • When a VST 3 plug-in replaces another plug-in (whether VST 2 or a previously released VST 3 version) with a different UID. In this scenario, this new VST 3 plug-in should utilize the Moduleinfo to indicate that it replaces another plug-in. Certain parameters from the older plug-in may be remapped to dedicated parameters of the new plug-in to enable the host resynchronize any references to older parameters (such as in automation or remote control). For example, VST 2 parameters are identified using indices, while VST 3 parameters utilize ParamIDs. With this new interface, hosts can remap the older indices to the new associated ParamIDs if there are not the same.

  • When a VST 3 plug-in is updated to a new version wherein some parameters have changed their ParamIDs. Upon loading a project, the plug-in detects that the project was created with an older version and notifies the host (kParamIDMappingChanged) that the IRemapParamID interface must be used for resynchronize certain parameters (if the host already has references to plug-in parameters, such as in automation).


The Plug-in has to implement this interface IRemapParamID in its EditController. The retrieved paramID should match the one it replaces, maintaining the same behavior during automation playback.

  • [plug imp]
  • [released: 3.7.11]

RestartFlags: kParamIDMappingChanged

In the second use case defined above, upon loading its state, the plug-in informs the host of parameter ID changes using the kParamIDMappingChanged flag within the IComponentHandler::restartComponent function. This notification should be triggered by the EditController whithin the setComponentState or setState methods (during project loading). Subsequently, the host can remap any utilized parameters, such as automation, by utilizing the IRemapParamID interface.

  • [plug imp]
  • [released: 3.7.11]


In controller.h:

class TestRemapParamIDController : public EditController, public IRemapParamID
    //--- from IRemapParamID ---------------------------------------------
    tresult PLUGIN_API getCompatibleParamID (const TUID pluginToReplaceUID /*in*/,
                                         Vst::ParamID oldParamID /*in*/,
                                         Vst::ParamID& newParamID /*out*/) override;

    //--- from EditController --------------------------------------------
	tresult PLUGIN_API setComponentState (IBStream* state) override;

    	DEF_INTERFACE (IRemapParamID)
    END_DEFINE_INTERFACES (EditController)
    DELEGATE_REFCOUNT (EditController)

In controller.cpp:

tresult PLUGIN_API TestRemapParamIDController::getCompatibleParamID (const TUID pluginToReplaceUID,
                                                                     Vst::ParamID oldParamID,
                                                                     Vst::ParamID& newParamID)
	//--- We want to replace the AGain plug-in-------
	//--- check if the host is asking for remapping parameter of the AGain plug-in
	static const FUID AGainProcessorUID (0x84E8DE5F, 0x92554F53, 0x96FAE413, 0x3C935A18);
	FUID uidToCheck (FUID::fromTUID (pluginToReplaceUID));
	if (AGainProcessorUID != uidToCheck)
		return kResultFalse;

	//--- host wants to remap from AGain------------
	newParamID = -1;
	switch (oldParamID)
		//--- map the kGainId (0) to our param kMyGainParamTag
		case 0:
			newParamID = kMyGainParamTag;
	//--- return kResultTrue if the mapping happens------------
	return (newParamID == -1) ? kResultFalse : kResultTrue;

tresult PLUGIN_API TestRemapParamIDController::setComponentState (IBStream* state)
    IBStreamer streamer (state, kLittleEndian);

    // Read the state

    bool remapNeeded = false;
    // here if we decode that the state was from an older plug-in

    // then restartComponent
    if (remapNeeded)
        componentHandler->restartComponent (kParamIDMappingChanged);

    return kResultOk;