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Version 3.7.10 (2024/01/18)

Version 3.7.10 (2024/01/18)

  • Interface changes:

    • Minimum requirement is now C++17.
    • New subCategories for PlugType:
      • kFxBass / kFxChannelStrip / kFxDrums / kFxGuitar / kFxMicrophone
  • VSTGUI update 4.13.3

  • Documentation

  • cmake

    • Fix smtg_target_make_plugin_package can create invalid VST 3 plug-ins (Forum).
    • Fix regression for non-bundle Windows plug-ins (non-bundle VST 3 on Windows will be declared deprecated in a future update of VST 3 SDK).
  • Tools:

    • 2 new scripts for macOS (vst3sdk/tools/setup_macos_packages_for_vst3sdk.sh) and Windows (vst3sdk/tools/setup_win_for_vst3sdk.bat) which check if all necessary tools are correctly installed for developing VST 3 plug-ins.
  • Examples:

    • New VST 3 plug-ins example:
      • New Utf16Name showing use of UTF16 characters in plug-in and company name.
    • Fix EditorHost issue when moving windows between different DPI screens (Forum / Juce Forum).
  • Validator:

    • Add test checking that IPluginBase is provided by the controller and the processor.
    • Add support on Windows for UTF8 path.
  • VST3PluginTestHost v3.7:

    • Fix global buffer overflow (AddressSanitizer) issue.
    • On Windows "Steinberg built-in Driver" is used by default if present.
  • VST3 Project Generator v2024.01:

    • Fix: ProjetGenerator should not allow new project inside the SDK folder.
    • Adapt template project: remove audio input for Instrument and add a default processing implementation as example.