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Why use VST 3 SDK?

There are different use cases you can realize by using the VST 3 SDK:

  1. You are a plug-in developer and you want to create audio FX or instrument plug-ins which can be included and used in a VST 3 host application.

    • an audio FX plug-in is an audio processor effect taking audio as input and creating audio as output: such as Delay, Phaser, Compressor, Reverb, …
    • an instrument plug-in is a sound/audio generator, taking as input note events and creating audio as output: such as emulations of well-known hardware synths. There are 2 kinds of instrument plug-ins: virtual sample-based (using audio samples as the basis for sound generation) and virtual synth (using different types of synthesis: physical modelling, additive, subtractive, FM, sample-based, …)
  2. You are a host developer and you want to load in your application VST 3 plug-ins:

    • audio FX and/or
    • instruments plug-ins.

Advantages of using VST 3 SDK

By using VST 3 SDK directly:

  • you are sure to be compliant with the VST 3 format.
  • developing your plug-in based on the VST 3 format allows you to support easily new VST 3 features that improve the integration of these plug-ins inside a DAW. Some 3rd party SDKs use only a common layer between all plug-in formats, limiting in this way the possibility for a better integration, for example exclusive VST 3 features:
  • you get optimal integration of the VSTGUI tool with VST 3.
  • it includes the major plug-in format wrappers: AAX, AUv3, AU.
  • the included Validator allows you to check your plug-in's conformity to the VST 3 standard.

Examples of VST 3 host applications (05/10/2023)

ACID ProMAGIX Software GmbHhttps://www.magix.com
AcousticaAcon Digitalhttps://acondigital.com
ArdourArdour Teamhttps://ardour.org
AudacityAudacity Teamhttps://www.audacityteam.org
BidulePlogue Art et Technologie, Inc.https://www.plogue.com
BitwigBitwig GmbHhttps://www.bitwig.com
CamelotAudio Modelinghttps://audiomodeling.com
CantabileTopten Softwarehttps://www.cantabilesoftware.com
Cross DJMixVibeshttps://www.mixvibes.com
CubaseSteinberg Media Technologies GmbHhttps://new.steinberg.net/cubase
DaVinci ResolveBlackmagic Designhttps://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve
DecibelProcess Audiohttps://process.audio
Digital PerformerMOTUhttps://motu.com/en-us/products/software/dp
Dimetime offaudiohttps://timeoff.audio
DoricoSteinberg Media Technologies GmbHhttps://new.steinberg.net/dorico
Entonal StudioNode Audiohttps://entonal.studio
FL StudioImageLinehttps://www.image-line.com
Fluid ChordsPitch Innovationshttps://www.pitchinnovations.com
Freestyle SuiteNew Sonic Artshttps://www.newsonicarts.com
Gig PerformerDeskew Technologieshttps://gigperformer.com
Komplete KontrolVienna Symphonic Library GmbHhttps://www.native-instruments.com
KSHMR ChainExcite Audiohttps://www.excite-audio.com
LiveAbleton AGhttps://www.ableton.com/en/live
MaschineNative Instrumentshttps://www.native-instruments.com
MaxCycling 74https://cycling74.com
MetroSagan Technologyhttps://sagantech.com
MixbusHarrison Audiohttps://harrisonaudio.com/daw-home-page
MultitrackStudioBremmers Audio Designhttps://www.multitrackstudio.com
Music Maker PlusMAGIX Software GmbHhttps://www.magix.com
NuendoSteinberg Media Technologies GmbHhttps://new.steinberg.net/nuendo
Orb Composer ProHexachordshttps://hexachords.com
OvertureSonic Scoreshttps://sonicscores.com
Reason +Reason Studioshttps://reasonstudios.com
Re:CycleDigital Brain Instrumentshttps://www.digitalbrain-instruments.com
RipX DeepAudioHit’n’Mix Ltdhttps://hitnmix.com
SamplitudeMAGIX Software GmbHhttps://www.magix.com
Serato Studio 2Seratohttps://serato.com
Sound Forge Audio StudioMAGIX Software GmbHhttps://www.magix.com
Sound Trajectory 2TripinLabhttps://www.tripinlab.com
SoundopIvosight Software Inc.https://ivosight.com
SpectraLayersSteinberg Media Technologies GmbHhttps://www.steinberg.net/spectralayers
Studio OnePreSonus Software Ltdhttps://www.presonus.com/products/Studio-One
TS2Ircam Labhttps://www.ircamlab.com
Vienna MIR PRO 3DVienna Symphonic Library GmbHhttps://www.vsl.co.at
VoxPat ProDigital Brain Instrumentshttps://www.digitalbrain-instruments.com/
VST LiveSteinberg Media Technologies GmbHhttps://www.steinberg.net/vst-live
VST Rack ProYamaha Corporationhttps://europe.yamaha.com/en/products/proaudio/software/vst_rack/index.html
WaveformTracktion Software Corporationhttps://www.tracktion.com
WavelabSteinberg Media Technologies GmbHhttps://new.steinberg.net/wavelab
Zrythm DAWZrythmhttps://www.zrythm.org