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ITestPlugProvider2 Class Referenceabstract

Test Helper extension. More...

#include <ivsttestplugprovider.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for ITestPlugProvider2:

Public Member Functions

virtual IPluginFactorygetPluginFactory ()=0
 get the plugin factory.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ITestPlugProvider
virtual IComponentgetComponent ()=0
 get the component of the plug-in.
virtual IEditControllergetController ()=0
 get the controller of the plug-in.
virtual tresult releasePlugIn (IComponent *component, IEditController *controller)=0
 release the component and/or controller
virtual tresult getSubCategories (IStringResult &result) const =0
 get the sub categories of the plug-in
virtual tresult getComponentUID (FUID &uid) const =0
 get the component UID of the plug-in
- Public Member Functions inherited from FUnknown
virtual tresult queryInterface (const TUID _iid, void **obj)=0
virtual uint32 addRef ()=0
virtual uint32 release ()=0

Static Public Attributes

static const FUID iid
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ITestPlugProvider
static const FUID iid
- Static Public Attributes inherited from FUnknown
static const FUID iid

Detailed Description

Test Helper extension.

Member Function Documentation

virtual IPluginFactory* getPluginFactory ( )
pure virtual

get the plugin factory.

The reference count of the returned factory object is not increased when calling this function.

Implemented in PlugProvider.

Member Data Documentation

const FUID iid

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