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ivstaudioprocessor.h File Reference


struct  ProcessSetup
 Audio processing setup. More...
struct  AudioBusBuffers
 Processing buffers of an audio bus. More...
struct  ProcessData
 Any data needed in audio processing. More...
class  IAudioProcessor
 Audio processing interface: Vst::IAudioProcessor. More...
class  IAudioPresentationLatency
 Extended IAudioProcessor interface for a component: Vst::IAudioPresentationLatency. More...
class  IProcessContextRequirements
 Extended IAudioProcessor interface for a component: Vst::IProcessContextRequirements. More...


namespace  Steinberg
namespace  Steinberg::Vst
 All VST specific interfaces are located in Vst namespace.
namespace  Steinberg::Vst::PlugType
 Component Types used as subCategories in PClassInfo2.


#define kVstAudioEffectClass   "Audio Module Class"
 Class Category Name for Audio Processor Component.


enum  ComponentFlags { kDistributable = 1 << 0, kSimpleModeSupported = 1 << 1 }
 Component Flags used as classFlags in PClassInfo2. More...
enum  SymbolicSampleSizes { kSample32, kSample64 }
 Symbolic sample size. More...
enum  ProcessModes { kRealtime, kPrefetch, kOffline }
 Processing mode informs the plug-in about the context and at which frequency the process call is called. More...


SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFx = "Fx"
 others type (not categorized)
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxAnalyzer = "Fx|Analyzer"
 Scope, FFT-Display, Loudness Processing...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxDelay = "Fx|Delay"
 Delay, Multi-tap Delay, Ping-Pong Delay...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxDistortion = "Fx|Distortion"
 Amp Simulator, Sub-Harmonic, SoftClipper...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxDynamics = "Fx|Dynamics"
 Compressor, Expander, Gate, Limiter, Maximizer, Tape Simulator, EnvelopeShaper...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxEQ = "Fx|EQ"
 Equalization, Graphical EQ...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxFilter = "Fx|Filter"
 WahWah, ToneBooster, Specific Filter,...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxGenerator = "Fx|Generator"
 Tone Generator, Noise Generator...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxInstrument = "Fx|Instrument"
 Fx which could be loaded as Instrument too.
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxInstrumentExternal = "Fx|Instrument|External"
 Fx which could be loaded as Instrument too and is external (wrapped Hardware)
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxMastering = "Fx|Mastering"
 Dither, Noise Shaping,...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxModulation = "Fx|Modulation"
 Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Tremolo, Vibrato, AutoPan, Rotary, Cloner...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxNetwork = "Fx|Network"
 using Network
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxPitchShift = "Fx|Pitch Shift"
 Pitch Processing, Pitch Correction, Vocal Tuning...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxRestoration = "Fx|Restoration"
 Denoiser, Declicker,...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxReverb = "Fx|Reverb"
 Reverberation, Room Simulation, Convolution Reverb...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxSpatial = "Fx|Spatial"
 MonoToStereo, StereoEnhancer,...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxSurround = "Fx|Surround"
 dedicated to surround processing: LFE Splitter, Bass Manager...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxTools = "Fx|Tools"
 Volume, Mixer, Tuner...
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kFxVocals = "Fx|Vocals"
 Tools dedicated to vocals.
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kInstrument = "Instrument"
 Effect used as instrument (sound generator), not as insert.
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kInstrumentDrum = "Instrument|Drum"
 Instrument for Drum sounds.
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kInstrumentExternal = "Instrument|External"
 External Instrument (wrapped Hardware)
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kInstrumentPiano = "Instrument|Piano"
 Instrument for Piano sounds.
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kInstrumentSampler = "Instrument|Sampler"
 Instrument based on Samples.
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kInstrumentSynth = "Instrument|Synth"
 Instrument based on Synthesis.
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kInstrumentSynthSampler = "Instrument|Synth|Sampler"
 Instrument based on Synthesis and Samples.
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kAmbisonics = "Ambisonics"
 used for Ambisonics channel (FX or Panner/Mixconverter/Up-Mixer/Down-Mixer when combined with other category)
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kAnalyzer = "Analyzer"
 Meter, Scope, FFT-Display, not selectable as insert plug-in.
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kNoOfflineProcess = "NoOfflineProcess"
 will be NOT used for plug-in offline processing (will work as normal insert plug-in)
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kOnlyARA = "OnlyARA"
 used for plug-ins that require ARA to operate (will not work as normal insert plug-in)
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kOnlyOfflineProcess = "OnlyOfflineProcess"
 used for plug-in offline processing (will not work as normal insert plug-in)
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kOnlyRealTime = "OnlyRT"
 indicates that it supports only realtime process call, no processing faster than realtime
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kSpatial = "Spatial"
 used for SurroundPanner
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kSpatialFx = "Spatial|Fx"
 used for SurroundPanner and as insert effect
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kUpDownMix = "Up-Downmix"
 used for Mixconverter/Up-Mixer/Down-Mixer
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kMono = "Mono"
 used for Mono only plug-in [optional]
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kStereo = "Stereo"
 used for Stereo only plug-in [optional]
SMTG_CONSTEXPR const CString kSurround = "Surround"
 used for Surround only plug-in [optional]

Macro Definition Documentation

#define kVstAudioEffectClass   "Audio Module Class"

Class Category Name for Audio Processor Component.


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