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ivstchannelcontextinfo.h File Reference


class  IInfoListener
 Channel context interface: Vst::IInfoListener. More...


namespace  Steinberg
namespace  Steinberg::Vst
 All VST specific interfaces are located in Vst namespace.
namespace  Steinberg::Vst::ChannelContext
 For Channel Context Info Interface.


typedef uint32 ColorSpec
 ARGB (Alpha-Red-Green-Blue)
typedef uint8 ColorComponent


enum  ChannelPluginLocation { kPreVolumeFader = 0, kPostVolumeFader, kUsedAsPanner }
 Values used for kChannelPluginLocationKey. More...


ColorComponent GetBlue (ColorSpec cs)
 Returns the Blue part of the given ColorSpec.
ColorComponent GetGreen (ColorSpec cs)
 Returns the Green part of the given ColorSpec.
ColorComponent GetRed (ColorSpec cs)
 Returns the Red part of the given ColorSpec.
ColorComponent GetAlpha (ColorSpec cs)
 Returns the Alpha part of the given ColorSpec.


const CString kChannelUIDKey = "channel uid"
 Keys used as AttrID (Attribute ID) in the return IAttributeList of IInfoListener::setChannelContextInfos.
const CString kChannelUIDLengthKey = "channel uid length"
 integer (int64) [optional]: number of characters in kChannelUIDKey
const CString kChannelNameKey = "channel name"
 string (TChar) [optional]: name of the channel like displayed in the mixer
const CString kChannelNameLengthKey = "channel name length"
 integer (int64) [optional]: number of characters in kChannelNameKey
const CString kChannelColorKey = "channel color"
 color (ColorSpec) [optional]: used color for the channel in mixer or track
const CString kChannelIndexKey = "channel index"
 integer (int64) [optional]: index of the channel in a channel index namespace, start with 1 not * 0!
const CString kChannelIndexNamespaceOrderKey = "channel index namespace order"
 integer (int64) [optional]: define the order of the current used index namespace, start with 1 not 0! For example: index namespace is "Input" -> order 1, index namespace is "Channel" -> order 2, index namespace is "Output" -> order 3
const CString kChannelIndexNamespaceKey = "channel index namespace"
 string (TChar) [optional]: name of the channel index namespace for example "Input", "Output", "Channel", ...
const CString kChannelIndexNamespaceLengthKey = "channel index namespace length"
 integer (int64) [optional]: number of characters in kChannelIndexNamespaceKey
const CString kChannelImageKey = "channel image"
 PNG image representation as binary [optional].
const CString kChannelPluginLocationKey = "channel plugin location"
 integer (int64) [optional]: routing position of the plug-in in the channel (see ChannelPluginLocation)

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