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ivstnoteexpression.h File Reference


struct  NoteExpressionValueDescription
Description of a Note Expression Type

This structure is part of the NoteExpressionTypeInfo structure, it describes for given NoteExpressionTypeID its default value (for example 0.5 for a kTuningTypeID (kIsBipolar: centered)), its minimum and maximum (for predefined NoteExpressionTypeID the full range is predefined too) and a stepCount when the given NoteExpressionTypeID is limited to discrete values (like on/off state). More...

struct  NoteExpressionValueEvent
 Note Expression Value event. More...
struct  NoteExpressionTextEvent
 Note Expression Text event. More...
struct  NoteExpressionTypeInfo
 NoteExpressionTypeInfo is the structure describing a note expression supported by the plug-in. More...
class  INoteExpressionController
 Extended plug-in interface IEditController for note expression event support: Vst::INoteExpressionController. More...
struct  KeyswitchInfo
KeyswitchInfo is the structure describing a key switch

This structure is used by the method IKeyswitchController::getKeyswitchInfo. More...

class  IKeyswitchController
 Extended plug-in interface IEditController for key switches support: Vst::IKeyswitchController. More...


namespace  Steinberg
namespace  Steinberg::Vst
 All VST specific interfaces are located in Vst namespace.


typedef uint32 NoteExpressionTypeID
 Note Expression Types.
typedef double NoteExpressionValue
 Note Expression Value.
typedef uint32 KeyswitchTypeID


enum  NoteExpressionTypeIDs : uint32 {
  kVolumeTypeID = 0, kPanTypeID, kTuningTypeID, kVibratoTypeID,
  kExpressionTypeID, kBrightnessTypeID, kTextTypeID, kPhonemeTypeID,
  kCustomStart = 100000, kCustomEnd = 200000, kInvalidTypeID = 0xFFFFFFFF
 NoteExpressionTypeIDs describes the type of the note expression. More...
enum  KeyswitchTypeIDs : uint32 { kNoteOnKeyswitchTypeID = 0, kOnTheFlyKeyswitchTypeID, kOnReleaseKeyswitchTypeID, kKeyRangeTypeID }
 KeyswitchTypeIDs describes the type of a key switch. More...

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