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ivstparameterfunctionname.h File Reference


class  IParameterFunctionName
 Edit controller component interface extension: Vst::IParameterFunctionName. More...


namespace  Steinberg
namespace  Steinberg::Vst
 All VST specific interfaces are located in Vst namespace.
namespace  Steinberg::Vst::FunctionNameType


const CString kCompGainReduction = "Comp:GainReduction"
const CString kCompGainReductionMax = "Comp:GainReductionMax"
const CString kCompGainReductionPeakHold = "Comp:GainReductionPeakHold"
const CString kCompResetGainReductionMax = "Comp:ResetGainReductionMax"
const CString kLowLatencyMode = "LowLatencyMode"
const CString kDryWetMix = "DryWetMix"
 Useful for live situation where low latency is required: 0 means LowLatency disable, 1 means LowLatency enable.
const CString kRandomize = "Randomize"
 Allowing to mix the original (Dry) Signal with the processed one (Wet): 0.0 means Dry Signal only, 0.5 means 50% Dry Signal + 50% Wet Signal, 1.0 means Wet Signal only.
const CString kPanPosCenterX = "PanPosCenterX"
 Allow to assign some randomized values to some parameters in a controlled way.
const CString kPanPosCenterY = "PanPosCenterY"
 Gravity point Y-axis [0, 1]=>[Front-Rear].
const CString kPanPosCenterZ = "PanPosCenterZ"
 Gravity point Z-axis [0, 1]=>[Bottom-Top].

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