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ivstunits.h File Reference


struct  UnitInfo
 Basic Unit Description. More...
struct  ProgramListInfo
 Basic Program List Description. More...
class  IUnitHandler
 Host callback for unit support: Vst::IUnitHandler. More...
class  IUnitHandler2
 Host callback for extended unit support: Vst::IUnitHandler2. More...
class  IUnitInfo
 Edit controller extension to describe the plug-in structure: Vst::IUnitInfo. More...
class  IProgramListData
 Component extension to access program list data: Vst::IProgramListData. More...
class  IUnitData
 Component extension to access unit data: Vst::IUnitData. More...


namespace  Steinberg
namespace  Steinberg::Vst
 All VST specific interfaces are located in Vst namespace.

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