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EventBus Class Reference

Description of an Event Bus. More...

#include <vstbus.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for EventBus:

Public Member Functions

 EventBus (const TChar *name, BusType busType, int32 flags, int32 channelCount)
 Constructor of an EventBus. More...
bool getInfo (BusInfo &info) SMTG_OVERRIDE
 Gets the BusInfo associated to this Event bus. More...
 OBJ_METHODS (Vst::EventBus, Vst::Bus)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Bus
 Bus (const TChar *name, BusType busType, int32 flags)
 Constructor. More...
TBool isActive () const
 Returns true if the bus is active. More...
void setActive (TBool state)
 Activates the bus. More...
void setName (String newName)
 Sets a new name for this bus. More...
void setBusType (BusType newBusType)
 Sets a new busType for this bus. More...
void setFlags (uint32 newFlags)
 Sets a new flags for this bus. More...

Protected Attributes

int32 channelCount

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Bus
OBJ_METHODS(Vst::Bus, FObject) protected BusType busType
 < name More...
int32 flags
 flags, see BusInfo::BusFlags More...
TBool active
 activation state More...

Detailed Description

Description of an Event Bus.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EventBus()

EventBus ( const TChar name,
BusType  busType,
int32  flags,
int32  channelCount 

Constructor of an EventBus.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getInfo()

bool getInfo ( BusInfo info)

Gets the BusInfo associated to this Event bus.

Reimplemented from Bus.


OBJ_METHODS ( Vst::EventBus  ,

Member Data Documentation

◆ channelCount

int32 channelCount

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