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EventBus Class Reference

Description of an Event Bus. More...

#include <vstbus.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for EventBus:

Public Member Functions

 EventBus (const TChar *name, BusType busType, int32 flags, int32 channelCount)
 Constructor of an EventBus.
bool getInfo (BusInfo &info) SMTG_OVERRIDE
 Gets the BusInfo associated to this Event bus.
 OBJ_METHODS (Vst::EventBus, Vst::Bus)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Bus
 Bus (const TChar *name, BusType busType, int32 flags)
TBool isActive () const
 Returns true if the bus is active.
void setActive (TBool state)
 Activates the bus.
void setName (String newName)
 Sets a new name for this bus.
void setBusType (BusType newBusType)
 Sets a new busType for this bus.
void setFlags (uint32 newFlags)
 Sets a new flags for this bus.

Protected Attributes

int32 channelCount

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Bus
OBJ_METHODS(Vst::Bus, FObject)
protected BusType 
 < name
int32 flags
 flags, see BusInfo::BusFlags
TBool active
 activation state

Detailed Description

Description of an Event Bus.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EventBus ( const TChar name,
BusType  busType,
int32  flags,
int32  channelCount 

Constructor of an EventBus.

Member Function Documentation

bool getInfo ( BusInfo info)

Gets the BusInfo associated to this Event bus.

Reimplemented from Bus.

OBJ_METHODS ( Vst::EventBus  ,

Member Data Documentation

int32 channelCount

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