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ProgramList Class Reference

ProgramList element. More...

#include <vsteditcontroller.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for ProgramList:

Public Types

using StringVector = (ProgramList, FObject) protected std::vector< String >
using ProgramInfoVector = std::vector< StringMap >

Public Member Functions

 ProgramList (const String128 name, ProgramListID listId, UnitID unitId)
 ProgramList (const ProgramList &programList)
const ProgramListInfogetInfo () const
ProgramListID getID () const
const TChargetName () const
int32 getCount () const
virtual tresult getProgramName (int32 programIndex, String128 name)
virtual tresult setProgramName (int32 programIndex, const String128 name)
virtual tresult getProgramInfo (int32 programIndex, CString attributeId, String128 value)
virtual tresult hasPitchNames (int32 programIndex)
virtual tresult getPitchName (int32 programIndex, int16 midiPitch, String128 name)
virtual int32 addProgram (const String128 name)
 Adds a program to the end of the list. More...
virtual bool setProgramInfo (int32 programIndex, CString attributeId, const String128 value)
 Sets a program attribute value. More...
virtual ParametergetParameter ()
 Creates and returns the program parameter. More...

Public Attributes

ProgramListInfo info
UnitID unitId
StringVector programNames
ProgramInfoVector programInfos

Detailed Description

ProgramList element.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ StringVector

using StringVector = (ProgramList, FObject) protected std::vector<String>

◆ ProgramInfoVector

using ProgramInfoVector = std::vector<StringMap>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ProgramList() [1/2]

ProgramList ( const String128  name,
ProgramListID  listId,
UnitID  unitId 

◆ ProgramList() [2/2]

ProgramList ( const ProgramList programList)

Member Function Documentation

◆ getInfo()

const ProgramListInfo& getInfo ( ) const

◆ getID()

ProgramListID getID ( ) const

◆ getName()

const TChar* getName ( ) const

◆ getCount()

int32 getCount ( ) const

◆ getProgramName()

tresult getProgramName ( int32  programIndex,
String128  name 

◆ setProgramName()

tresult setProgramName ( int32  programIndex,
const String128  name 

◆ getProgramInfo()

tresult getProgramInfo ( int32  programIndex,
CString  attributeId,
String128  value 

◆ hasPitchNames()

virtual tresult hasPitchNames ( int32  programIndex)

Reimplemented in ProgramListWithPitchNames.

◆ getPitchName()

virtual tresult getPitchName ( int32  programIndex,
int16  midiPitch,
String128  name 

Reimplemented in ProgramListWithPitchNames.

◆ addProgram()

int32 addProgram ( const String128  name)

Adds a program to the end of the list.

returns the index of the program.

Reimplemented in ProgramListWithPitchNames.

◆ setProgramInfo()

bool setProgramInfo ( int32  programIndex,
CString  attributeId,
const String128  value 

Sets a program attribute value.

◆ getParameter()

Parameter * getParameter ( )

Creates and returns the program parameter.

Member Data Documentation

◆ info

◆ unitId

UnitID unitId

◆ programNames

StringVector programNames

◆ programInfos

ProgramInfoVector programInfos

◆ parameter

Parameter* parameter

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