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Creating a plug-in with VST 3 SDK as an external project

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This is a simple Hello World VST 3 FX plug-in to demonstrate how to use the VST 3 SDK as an external project.

This plug-in was generated with the VST 3 Project Generator and it is available here https://github.com/steinbergmedia/vst3_example_plugin_hello_world

Part 1: How to clone and build

Open a command prompt and do the following:

git clone https://github.com/steinbergmedia/vst3_example_plugin_hello_world.git
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../vst3_example_plugin_hello_world
cmake --build .

Part 2: Adapting the helloworld example

  • This example is there mainly to demonstrate how to use VST 3 SDK as an external project, we highly recommand to use the Project Generator to start from scratch.

  • In the following explaination we try to show you how to modify the source code to build your plug-in on the helloworld example.

  • Now you have to adapt some uids and naming to make your plug-in unique (and not a duplicate of helloworld!)

    1. Rename all strings for your plug-in from HelloWorld to MyDelay (for example):

      • HelloWorldProcessor::HelloWorldProcessor to MyDelayProcessor::MyDelayProcessor
    2. Open the file vst3_example_plugin_hello_world/include/helloworldcids.h and create new uids for processor and for controller: you can use GUID creator tools like https://www.guidgenerator.com:

    static const FUID kHelloWorldProcessorUID (0x2A0CC26C, 0xBF88964C, 0xB0BFFCB0, 0x554AF523);
    static const FUID kHelloWorldControllerUID (0xB9DBBD64, 0xF7C40A4C, 0x9C8BFB33, 0x8761E244);
    1. Open the file version.h and adapt the strings in the following way:
    #define stringOriginalFilename "MyDelay.vst3"
    #define stringFileDescription	"MyDelay VST3"
    1. Open the file helloworldentry.cpp and adapt string:
    #define stringPluginName "My First Delay"
  • Now you can start to code for your effect/instrument (see Code your first plug-in for a step-by-step explanation)

    1. Add parameters in helloworldcontroller.cpp
    2. Adapt your process algorithm in helloworldprocessor.cpp
    3. Add persistence in helloworldprocessor.cpp
    4. Add UI (check SDK examples using VSTGUI)
  • Happy coding!