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Version 3.7.6 (2022/09/05)

Version 3.7.6 (2022/09/05)

General change

The integer types used throughout the SDK are now based on the standard types defined in <cstdint> and the UTF-16 character type is now char16_t from c++11. This is not an ABI change, all types have the same size as before, and old compiled plug-ins will still load without any issue in all hosts on all supported systems. But implementations may have to be adopted especially on Windows where the tchar/char16 type was directly used for Windows API's. There are simple casting functions in pluginterfaces/base/fstrdefs.h (see wscast) for easy adoption.

  • Interface changes:

  • VSTGUI Bugfix update 4.11.1

  • New Flags/Enums:

    • Fix ITU 3+7+0 Sound System F
      • k70_3 => L R C Ls Rs Sl Sr Tfl Tfr Trc
      • k72_3 => L R C LFE Ls Rs Sl Sr Tfl Tfr Trc LFE2
  • Documentation

  • cmake

    • New file SMTG_AddVST3AuV2.cmake:
      • Add AUv2 target for a VST 3 plug-in
      • Reworked AU Objective-C Namespace handling
    • Add check if PROJECT_VERSION is set in project(), if not then FATAL_ERROR.
    • Display error text when Spaces in Xcode path which is not supported by cmake.
    • New function smtg_check_language_cxx in SMTG_DetectPlatform.cmake allows checking if C++ compiler is available.
  • Plug-in Wrappers:

    • Audio Unit:
      • Simplify the creation of an AUv2 wrapped plug-in by a simple cmake function (see smtg_target_add_auv2)
      • Reworked AUWrapper Objective-C code
  • Examples:

    • Add more structured Units and parameters to Hostchecker plug-in.
  • Validator:

    • Fix validator output on Windows, cout was not flushed in case of crash
  • Helpers classes:

    • Refactoring by using IPtr in public.sdk/source/vst/vsteditcontroller.h and public.sdk/source/common/pluginview.h
    • Fix crash in module_win32.cpp when loading failed and the error code could not be printed
    • Prevent the pluginfactory_constexpr on Linux to export symbols in debug mode which may be shared between modules.
  • VST3PluginTestHost v3.3.10:

    • Support loading PACE protected plug-ins on macOS by using the required entitlement for the hardened runtime
  • VST3 Project Generator v2022.09:

    • Fix: Prevent crash when PATH contains empty substring PR#3