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Version 3.7.7 (2022/12/12)

Version 3.7.7 (2022/12/12)

  • Interface changes:

    • Refactor SDK version macros in vsttypes.h so that the C API generator can use it.
    • Better Support of MinGW in fplatform.h.
  • VSTGUI update 4.12

  • Documentation

  • cmake

    • Adapting cmake for making possible to extract an example from the SDK.
    • Fix folder name for Windows Arm64EC.
    • Remove ${SDK_ROOT} from smtg_target_configure_version_file.
    • Replace SDK_ROOT with vst3sdk_SOURCE_DIR.
    • Better support of MinGW.
    • Improve SMTG_AAXSupport.cmake and SMTG_CoreAudioSupport.cmake
    • Fix initialization of CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET.
  • Plug-in Wrappers:

    • Audio Unit:
      • AUv3Wrapper: fix crash building parameter groups (PR#43).
      • AUv3Wrapper: fix crash for empty parameter groups (PR#44).
  • VST3PluginTestHost v3.4:

    • MIDI 2 support on macOS with higher resolution for Velocity On/Off, Aftertouch, Polypressure, ControlChange and PitchBend.
  • VST3 Project Generator v2022.11:

    • Support of multiple namespaces for generated plug-in source code (XX::YY::ZZ), request C++17 minimum.
    • Fix support of space character in paths.