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CBitmap Class Reference

Encapsulates various platform depended kinds of bitmaps. More...

+ Inheritance diagram for CBitmap:

Public Types

using BitmapVector = std::vector< PlatformBitmapPtr >
using const_iterator = BitmapVector::const_iterator

Public Member Functions

 CBitmap (const CResourceDescription &desc)
 Create an image from a resource identifier.
 CBitmap (CCoord width, CCoord height)
 Create an image with a given size.
 CBitmap (CPoint size, double scaleFactor=1.)
 Create an image with a given size and scale factor.
 CBitmap (const PlatformBitmapPtr &platformBitmap)
 ~CBitmap () noexceptoverride=default
CBitmap Methods
virtual void draw (CDrawContext *context, const CRect &rect, const CPoint &offset=CPoint(0, 0), float alpha=1.f)
CCoord getWidth () const
 get the width of the image
CCoord getHeight () const
 get the height of the image
CPoint getSize () const
 get size of image
bool isLoaded () const
 check if image is loaded
const CResourceDescriptiongetResourceDescription () const
PlatformBitmapPtr getPlatformBitmap () const
void setPlatformBitmap (const PlatformBitmapPtr &bitmap)
bool addBitmap (const PlatformBitmapPtr &platformBitmap)
PlatformBitmapPtr getBestPlatformBitmapForScaleFactor (double scaleFactor) const
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ReferenceCounted< T >
 ReferenceCounted ()=default
virtual ~ReferenceCounted () noexcept=default
 ReferenceCounted (const ReferenceCounted &)
ReferenceCountedoperator= (const ReferenceCounted &)
void forget () override
 decrease refcount and delete object if refcount == 0
void remember () override
 increase refcount
virtual int32_t getNbReference () const
 get refcount

Protected Member Functions

 CBitmap ()

Protected Attributes

CResourceDescription resourceDesc
BitmapVector bitmaps

Detailed Description

Encapsulates various platform depended kinds of bitmaps.

Changes in 4.0

In Version 4.0 CBitmap was simplified. Previous versions supported drawing a color transparent of the bitmap. Since CBitmap supports alpha drawing of bitmaps since some time, it's now the only way of drawing a bitmap with some parts transparent.

Supported file formats

File format support is handled in a platform dependent way. On Windows GDI+ is used to import images. On Mac OS X CoreGraphics is used to import them. For cross platform compatibility it is recommended to use PNG files.

Loading Bitmaps

You load a bitmap via a CResourceDescription which can hold a string or a number. If you use names, you need to use the real filename with extension. Then it gets automaticly loaded on Mac OS X out of the Resources folder of the vst bundle. On Windows you also specify the resource in the .rc file with the real filename.

// using a number
1001 PNG DISCARDABLE "bmp01001.png"
// using a string
RealFileName.png PNG DISCARDABLE "RealFileName.png"
CBitmap* bitmap1 = new CBitmap (1001); // number
CBitmap* bitmap2 = new CBitmap ("RealFileName.png"); // string

Member Typedef Documentation

using BitmapVector = std::vector<PlatformBitmapPtr>
using const_iterator = BitmapVector::const_iterator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CBitmap ( const CResourceDescription desc)

Create an image from a resource identifier.

CBitmap ( CCoord  width,
CCoord  height 

Create an image with a given size.

CBitmap ( CPoint  size,
double  scaleFactor = 1. 

Create an image with a given size and scale factor.

CBitmap ( const PlatformBitmapPtr platformBitmap)
~CBitmap ( )
CBitmap ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool addBitmap ( const PlatformBitmapPtr platformBitmap)
const_iterator begin ( ) const
void draw ( CDrawContext context,
const CRect rect,
const CPoint offset = CPoint (0, 0),
float  alpha = 1.f 

Reimplemented in CNinePartTiledBitmap.

const_iterator end ( ) const
auto getBestPlatformBitmapForScaleFactor ( double  scaleFactor) const
CCoord getHeight ( ) const

get the height of the image

auto getPlatformBitmap ( ) const
const CResourceDescription& getResourceDescription ( ) const
CPoint getSize ( ) const

get size of image

CCoord getWidth ( ) const

get the width of the image

bool isLoaded ( ) const

check if image is loaded

void setPlatformBitmap ( const PlatformBitmapPtr bitmap)

Member Data Documentation

BitmapVector bitmaps
CResourceDescription resourceDesc

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