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IVst3WrapperMPESupport Class Referenceabstract

Wrapper MPE Support interface: Vst::IVst3WrapperMPESupport. More...

#include <ivsthostapplication.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for IVst3WrapperMPESupport:

Public Member Functions

virtual tresult enableMPEInputProcessing (TBool state)=0
 enable or disable MPE processing
virtual tresult setMPEInputDeviceSettings (int32 masterChannel, int32 memberBeginChannel, int32 memberEndChannel)=0
 setup the MPE processing
- Public Member Functions inherited from FUnknown
virtual tresult queryInterface (const TUID _iid, void **obj)=0
virtual uint32 addRef ()=0
virtual uint32 release ()=0

Static Public Attributes

static const FUID iid
- Static Public Attributes inherited from FUnknown
static const FUID iid

Detailed Description

Wrapper MPE Support interface: Vst::IVst3WrapperMPESupport.

Implemented on wrappers that support MPE to Note Expression translation.

By default, MPE input processing is enabled, the masterChannel will be zero, the memberBeginChannel will be one and the memberEndChannel will be 14.

As MPE is a subset of the VST3 Note Expression feature, mapping from the three MPE expressions is handled via the INoteExpressionPhysicalUIMapping interface.

Member Function Documentation

virtual tresult enableMPEInputProcessing ( TBool  state)
pure virtual

enable or disable MPE processing

statetrue to enable, false to disable MPE processing
kResultTrue on success
virtual tresult setMPEInputDeviceSettings ( int32  masterChannel,
int32  memberBeginChannel,
int32  memberEndChannel 
pure virtual

setup the MPE processing

masterChannelMPE master channel (zero based)
memberBeginChannelMPE member begin channel (zero based)
memberEndChannelMPE member end channel (zero based)
kResultTrue on success

Member Data Documentation

const FUID iid

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