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SDK for developing VST plug-in
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ivsthostapplication.h File Reference


class  IHostApplication
 Basic host callback interface: Vst::IHostApplication. More...
class  IVst3ToVst2Wrapper
 VST 3 to VST 2 Wrapper interface: Vst::IVst3ToVst2Wrapper. More...
class  IVst3ToAUWrapper
 VST 3 to AU Wrapper interface: Vst::IVst3ToAUWrapper. More...
class  IVst3ToAAXWrapper
 VST 3 to AAX Wrapper interface: Vst::IVst3ToAAXWrapper. More...
class  IVst3WrapperMPESupport
 Wrapper MPE Support interface: Vst::IVst3WrapperMPESupport. More...


namespace  Steinberg
namespace  Steinberg::Vst
 All VST specific interfaces are located in Vst namespace.


IMessage * allocateMessage (IHostApplication *host)
 Helper to allocate a message.

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