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vstpresetkeys.h File Reference


namespace  Steinberg
namespace  Steinberg::Vst
 All VST specific interfaces are located in Vst namespace.
namespace  Steinberg::Vst::PresetAttributes
 Predefined Preset Attributes.
namespace  Steinberg::Vst::StateType
 Predefined StateType used for Key kStateType.
namespace  Steinberg::Vst::MusicalInstrument
 Predefined Musical Instrument.
namespace  Steinberg::Vst::MusicalStyle
 Predefined Musical Style.
namespace  Steinberg::Vst::MusicalCharacter
 Predefined Musical Character.


const CString kPlugInName = "PlugInName"
 plug-in name
const CString kPlugInCategory = "PlugInCategory"
 eg. "Fx|Dynamics", "Instrument", "Instrument|Synth"
const CString kInstrument = "MusicalInstrument"
 eg. instrument group (like 'Piano' or 'Piano|A. Piano')
const CString kStyle = "MusicalStyle"
 eg. 'Pop', 'Jazz', 'Classic'
const CString kCharacter = "MusicalCharacter"
 eg. instrument nature (like 'Soft' 'Dry' 'Acoustic')
const CString kStateType = "StateType"
 Type of the given state see StateType : Project / Default Preset or Normal Preset.
const CString kFilePathStringType = "FilePathString"
 Full file path string (if available) where the preset comes from (be sure to use a bigger string when asking for it (with 1024 characters))
const CString kName = "Name"
 name of the preset
const CString kFileName = "FileName"
 filename of the preset (including extension)
const CString kProject = "Project"
 the state is restored from a project loading or it is saved in a project
const CString kDefault = "Default"
 the state is restored from a preset (marked as default) or the host wants to store a default state of the plug-in
const CString kAccordion = "Accordion"
const CString kAccordionAccordion = "Accordion|Accordion"
const CString kAccordionHarmonica = "Accordion|Harmonica"
const CString kAccordionOther = "Accordion|Other"
const CString kBass = "Bass"
const CString kBassABass = "Bass|A. Bass"
const CString kBassEBass = "Bass|E. Bass"
const CString kBassSynthBass = "Bass|Synth Bass"
const CString kBassOther = "Bass|Other"
const CString kBrass = "Brass"
const CString kBrassFrenchHorn = "Brass|French Horn"
const CString kBrassTrumpet = "Brass|Trumpet"
const CString kBrassTrombone = "Brass|Trombone"
const CString kBrassTuba = "Brass|Tuba"
const CString kBrassSection = "Brass|Section"
const CString kBrassSynth = "Brass|Synth"
const CString kBrassOther = "Brass|Other"
const CString kChromaticPerc = "Chromatic Perc"
const CString kChromaticPercBell = "Chromatic Perc|Bell"
const CString kChromaticPercMallett = "Chromatic Perc|Mallett"
const CString kChromaticPercWood = "Chromatic Perc|Wood"
const CString kChromaticPercPercussion = "Chromatic Perc|Percussion"
const CString kChromaticPercTimpani = "Chromatic Perc|Timpani"
const CString kChromaticPercOther = "Chromatic Perc|Other"
const CString kDrumPerc = "Drum&Perc"
const CString kDrumPercDrumsetGM = "Drum&Perc|Drumset GM"
const CString kDrumPercDrumset = "Drum&Perc|Drumset"
const CString kDrumPercDrumMenues = "Drum&Perc|Drum Menues"
const CString kDrumPercBeats = "Drum&Perc|Beats"
const CString kDrumPercPercussion = "Drum&Perc|Percussion"
const CString kDrumPercKickDrum = "Drum&Perc|Kick Drum"
const CString kDrumPercSnareDrum = "Drum&Perc|Snare Drum"
const CString kDrumPercToms = "Drum&Perc|Toms"
const CString kDrumPercHiHats = "Drum&Perc|HiHats"
const CString kDrumPercCymbals = "Drum&Perc|Cymbals"
const CString kDrumPercOther = "Drum&Perc|Other"
const CString kEthnic = "Ethnic"
const CString kEthnicAsian = "Ethnic|Asian"
const CString kEthnicAfrican = "Ethnic|African"
const CString kEthnicEuropean = "Ethnic|European"
const CString kEthnicLatin = "Ethnic|Latin"
const CString kEthnicAmerican = "Ethnic|American"
const CString kEthnicAlien = "Ethnic|Alien"
const CString kEthnicOther = "Ethnic|Other"
const CString kGuitar = "Guitar/Plucked"
const CString kGuitarAGuitar = "Guitar/Plucked|A. Guitar"
const CString kGuitarEGuitar = "Guitar/Plucked|E. Guitar"
const CString kGuitarHarp = "Guitar/Plucked|Harp"
const CString kGuitarEthnic = "Guitar/Plucked|Ethnic"
const CString kGuitarOther = "Guitar/Plucked|Other"
const CString kKeyboard = "Keyboard"
const CString kKeyboardClavi = "Keyboard|Clavi"
const CString kKeyboardEPiano = "Keyboard|E. Piano"
const CString kKeyboardHarpsichord = "Keyboard|Harpsichord"
const CString kKeyboardOther = "Keyboard|Other"
const CString kMusicalFX = "Musical FX"
const CString kMusicalFXHitsStabs = "Musical FX|Hits&Stabs"
const CString kMusicalFXMotion = "Musical FX|Motion"
const CString kMusicalFXSweeps = "Musical FX|Sweeps"
const CString kMusicalFXBeepsBlips = "Musical FX|Beeps&Blips"
const CString kMusicalFXScratches = "Musical FX|Scratches"
const CString kMusicalFXOther = "Musical FX|Other"
const CString kOrgan = "Organ"
const CString kOrganElectric = "Organ|Electric"
const CString kOrganPipe = "Organ|Pipe"
const CString kOrganOther = "Organ|Other"
const CString kPiano = "Piano"
const CString kPianoAPiano = "Piano|A. Piano"
const CString kPianoEGrand = "Piano|E. Grand"
const CString kPianoOther = "Piano|Other"
const CString kSoundFX = "Sound FX"
const CString kSoundFXNature = "Sound FX|Nature"
const CString kSoundFXMechanical = "Sound FX|Mechanical"
const CString kSoundFXSynthetic = "Sound FX|Synthetic"
const CString kSoundFXOther = "Sound FX|Other"
const CString kStrings = "Strings"
const CString kStringsViolin = "Strings|Violin"
const CString kStringsViola = "Strings|Viola"
const CString kStringsCello = "Strings|Cello"
const CString kStringsBass = "Strings|Bass"
const CString kStringsSection = "Strings|Section"
const CString kStringsSynth = "Strings|Synth"
const CString kStringsOther = "Strings|Other"
const CString kSynthLead = "Synth Lead"
const CString kSynthLeadAnalog = "Synth Lead|Analog"
const CString kSynthLeadDigital = "Synth Lead|Digital"
const CString kSynthLeadArpeggio = "Synth Lead|Arpeggio"
const CString kSynthLeadOther = "Synth Lead|Other"
const CString kSynthPad = "Synth Pad"
const CString kSynthPadSynthChoir = "Synth Pad|Synth Choir"
const CString kSynthPadAnalog = "Synth Pad|Analog"
const CString kSynthPadDigital = "Synth Pad|Digital"
const CString kSynthPadMotion = "Synth Pad|Motion"
const CString kSynthPadOther = "Synth Pad|Other"
const CString kSynthComp = "Synth Comp"
const CString kSynthCompAnalog = "Synth Comp|Analog"
const CString kSynthCompDigital = "Synth Comp|Digital"
const CString kSynthCompOther = "Synth Comp|Other"
const CString kVocal = "Vocal"
const CString kVocalLeadVocal = "Vocal|Lead Vocal"
const CString kVocalAdlibs = "Vocal|Adlibs"
const CString kVocalChoir = "Vocal|Choir"
const CString kVocalSolo = "Vocal|Solo"
const CString kVocalFX = "Vocal|FX"
const CString kVocalSpoken = "Vocal|Spoken"
const CString kVocalOther = "Vocal|Other"
const CString kWoodwinds = "Woodwinds"
const CString kWoodwindsEthnic = "Woodwinds|Ethnic"
const CString kWoodwindsFlute = "Woodwinds|Flute"
const CString kWoodwindsOboe = "Woodwinds|Oboe"
const CString kWoodwindsEnglHorn = "Woodwinds|Engl. Horn"
const CString kWoodwindsClarinet = "Woodwinds|Clarinet"
const CString kWoodwindsSaxophone = "Woodwinds|Saxophone"
const CString kWoodwindsBassoon = "Woodwinds|Bassoon"
const CString kWoodwindsOther = "Woodwinds|Other"
const CString kAlternativeIndie = "Alternative/Indie"
const CString kAlternativeIndieGothRock = "Alternative/Indie|Goth Rock"
const CString kAlternativeIndieGrunge = "Alternative/Indie|Grunge"
const CString kAlternativeIndieNewWave = "Alternative/Indie|New Wave"
const CString kAlternativeIndiePunk = "Alternative/Indie|Punk"
const CString kAlternativeIndieCollegeRock = "Alternative/Indie|College Rock"
const CString kAlternativeIndieDarkWave = "Alternative/Indie|Dark Wave"
const CString kAlternativeIndieHardcore = "Alternative/Indie|Hardcore"
const CString kAmbientChillOut = "Ambient/ChillOut"
const CString kAmbientChillOutNewAgeMeditation = "Ambient/ChillOut|New Age/Meditation"
const CString kAmbientChillOutDarkAmbient = "Ambient/ChillOut|Dark Ambient"
const CString kAmbientChillOutDowntempo = "Ambient/ChillOut|Downtempo"
const CString kAmbientChillOutLounge = "Ambient/ChillOut|Lounge"
const CString kBlues = "Blues"
const CString kBluesAcousticBlues = "Blues|Acoustic Blues"
const CString kBluesCountryBlues = "Blues|Country Blues"
const CString kBluesElectricBlues = "Blues|Electric Blues"
const CString kBluesChicagoBlues = "Blues|Chicago Blues"
const CString kClassical = "Classical"
const CString kClassicalBaroque = "Classical|Baroque"
const CString kClassicalChamberMusic = "Classical|Chamber Music"
const CString kClassicalMedieval = "Classical|Medieval"
const CString kClassicalModernComposition = "Classical|Modern Composition"
const CString kClassicalOpera = "Classical|Opera"
const CString kClassicalGregorian = "Classical|Gregorian"
const CString kClassicalRenaissance = "Classical|Renaissance"
const CString kClassicalClassic = "Classical|Classic"
const CString kClassicalRomantic = "Classical|Romantic"
const CString kClassicalSoundtrack = "Classical|Soundtrack"
const CString kCountry = "Country"
const CString kCountryCountryWestern = "Country|Country/Western"
const CString kCountryHonkyTonk = "Country|Honky Tonk"
const CString kCountryUrbanCowboy = "Country|Urban Cowboy"
const CString kCountryBluegrass = "Country|Bluegrass"
const CString kCountryAmericana = "Country|Americana"
const CString kCountrySquaredance = "Country|Squaredance"
const CString kCountryNorthAmericanFolk = "Country|North American Folk"
const CString kElectronicaDance = "Electronica/Dance"
const CString kElectronicaDanceMinimal = "Electronica/Dance|Minimal"
const CString kElectronicaDanceClassicHouse = "Electronica/Dance|Classic House"
const CString kElectronicaDanceElektroHouse = "Electronica/Dance|Elektro House"
const CString kElectronicaDanceFunkyHouse = "Electronica/Dance|Funky House"
const CString kElectronicaDanceIndustrial = "Electronica/Dance|Industrial"
const CString kElectronicaDanceElectronicBodyMusic = "Electronica/Dance|Electronic Body Music"
const CString kElectronicaDanceTripHop = "Electronica/Dance|Trip Hop"
const CString kElectronicaDanceTechno = "Electronica/Dance|Techno"
const CString kElectronicaDanceDrumNBassJungle = "Electronica/Dance|Drum'n'Bass/Jungle"
const CString kElectronicaDanceElektro = "Electronica/Dance|Elektro"
const CString kElectronicaDanceTrance = "Electronica/Dance|Trance"
const CString kElectronicaDanceDub = "Electronica/Dance|Dub"
const CString kElectronicaDanceBigBeats = "Electronica/Dance|Big Beats"
const CString kExperimental = "Experimental"
const CString kExperimentalNewMusic = "Experimental|New Music"
const CString kExperimentalFreeImprovisation = "Experimental|Free Improvisation"
const CString kExperimentalElectronicArtMusic = "Experimental|Electronic Art Music"
const CString kExperimentalNoise = "Experimental|Noise"
const CString kJazz = "Jazz"
const CString kJazzNewOrleansJazz = "Jazz|New Orleans Jazz"
const CString kJazzTraditionalJazz = "Jazz|Traditional Jazz"
const CString kJazzOldtimeJazzDixiland = "Jazz|Oldtime Jazz/Dixiland"
const CString kJazzFusion = "Jazz|Fusion"
const CString kJazzAvantgarde = "Jazz|Avantgarde"
const CString kJazzLatinJazz = "Jazz|Latin Jazz"
const CString kJazzFreeJazz = "Jazz|Free Jazz"
const CString kJazzRagtime = "Jazz|Ragtime"
const CString kPop = "Pop"
const CString kPopBritpop = "Pop|Britpop"
const CString kPopRock = "Pop|Pop/Rock"
const CString kPopTeenPop = "Pop|Teen Pop"
const CString kPopChartDance = "Pop|Chart Dance"
const CString kPop80sPop = "Pop|80's Pop"
const CString kPopDancehall = "Pop|Dancehall"
const CString kPopDisco = "Pop|Disco"
const CString kRockMetal = "Rock/Metal"
const CString kRockMetalBluesRock = "Rock/Metal|Blues Rock"
const CString kRockMetalClassicRock = "Rock/Metal|Classic Rock"
const CString kRockMetalHardRock = "Rock/Metal|Hard Rock"
const CString kRockMetalRockRoll = "Rock/Metal|Rock & Roll"
const CString kRockMetalSingerSongwriter = "Rock/Metal|Singer/Songwriter"
const CString kRockMetalHeavyMetal = "Rock/Metal|Heavy Metal"
const CString kRockMetalDeathBlackMetal = "Rock/Metal|Death/Black Metal"
const CString kRockMetalNuMetal = "Rock/Metal|NuMetal"
const CString kRockMetalReggae = "Rock/Metal|Reggae"
const CString kRockMetalBallad = "Rock/Metal|Ballad"
const CString kRockMetalAlternativeRock = "Rock/Metal|Alternative Rock"
const CString kRockMetalRockabilly = "Rock/Metal|Rockabilly"
const CString kRockMetalThrashMetal = "Rock/Metal|Thrash Metal"
const CString kRockMetalProgressiveRock = "Rock/Metal|Progressive Rock"
const CString kUrbanHipHopRB = "Urban (Hip-Hop / R&B)"
const CString kUrbanHipHopRBClassic = "Urban (Hip-Hop / R&B)|Classic R&B"
const CString kUrbanHipHopRBModern = "Urban (Hip-Hop / R&B)|Modern R&B"
const CString kUrbanHipHopRBPop = "Urban (Hip-Hop / R&B)|R&B Pop"
const CString kUrbanHipHopRBWestCoastHipHop = "Urban (Hip-Hop / R&B)|WestCoast Hip-Hop"
const CString kUrbanHipHopRBEastCoastHipHop = "Urban (Hip-Hop / R&B)|EastCoast Hip-Hop"
const CString kUrbanHipHopRBRapHipHop = "Urban (Hip-Hop / R&B)|Rap/Hip Hop"
const CString kUrbanHipHopRBSoul = "Urban (Hip-Hop / R&B)|Soul"
const CString kUrbanHipHopRBFunk = "Urban (Hip-Hop / R&B)|Funk"
const CString kWorldEthnic = "World/Ethnic"
const CString kWorldEthnicAfrica = "World/Ethnic|Africa"
const CString kWorldEthnicAsia = "World/Ethnic|Asia"
const CString kWorldEthnicCeltic = "World/Ethnic|Celtic"
const CString kWorldEthnicEurope = "World/Ethnic|Europe"
const CString kWorldEthnicKlezmer = "World/Ethnic|Klezmer"
const CString kWorldEthnicScandinavia = "World/Ethnic|Scandinavia"
const CString kWorldEthnicEasternEurope = "World/Ethnic|Eastern Europe"
const CString kWorldEthnicIndiaOriental = "World/Ethnic|India/Oriental"
const CString kWorldEthnicNorthAmerica = "World/Ethnic|North America"
const CString kWorldEthnicSouthAmerica = "World/Ethnic|South America"
const CString kWorldEthnicAustralia = "World/Ethnic|Australia"
const CString kMono = "Mono"
const CString kPoly = "Poly"
const CString kSplit = "Split"
const CString kLayer = "Layer"
const CString kGlide = "Glide"
const CString kGlissando = "Glissando"
const CString kMajor = "Major"
const CString kMinor = "Minor"
const CString kSingle = "Single"
const CString kEnsemble = "Ensemble"
const CString kAcoustic = "Acoustic"
const CString kElectric = "Electric"
const CString kAnalog = "Analog"
const CString kDigital = "Digital"
const CString kVintage = "Vintage"
const CString kModern = "Modern"
const CString kOld = "Old"
const CString kNew = "New"
const CString kClean = "Clean"
const CString kDistorted = "Distorted"
const CString kDry = "Dry"
const CString kProcessed = "Processed"
const CString kHarmonic = "Harmonic"
const CString kDissonant = "Dissonant"
const CString kClear = "Clear"
const CString kNoisy = "Noisy"
const CString kThin = "Thin"
const CString kRich = "Rich"
const CString kDark = "Dark"
const CString kBright = "Bright"
const CString kCold = "Cold"
const CString kWarm = "Warm"
const CString kMetallic = "Metallic"
const CString kWooden = "Wooden"
const CString kGlass = "Glass"
const CString kPlastic = "Plastic"
const CString kPercussive = "Percussive"
const CString kSoft = "Soft"
const CString kFast = "Fast"
const CString kSlow = "Slow"
const CString kShort = "Short"
const CString kLong = "Long"
const CString kAttack = "Attack"
const CString kRelease = "Release"
const CString kDecay = "Decay"
const CString kSustain = "Sustain"
const CString kFastAttack = "Fast Attack"
const CString kSlowAttack = "Slow Attack"
const CString kShortRelease = "Short Release"
const CString kLongRelease = "Long Release"
const CString kStatic = "Static"
const CString kMoving = "Moving"
const CString kLoop = "Loop"
const CString kOneShot = "One Shot"

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