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EditorView Class Reference

View related to an edit controller. More...

#include <vsteditcontroller.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for EditorView:

Public Member Functions

 EditorView (EditController *controller, ViewRect *size=nullptr)
 ~EditorView () override
EditControllergetController () const
 Gets its controller part. More...
void attachedToParent () SMTG_OVERRIDE
void removedFromParent () SMTG_OVERRIDE
- Public Member Functions inherited from CPluginView
 CPluginView (const ViewRect *rect=nullptr)
virtual ~CPluginView ()
const ViewRectgetRect () const
 Returns its current frame rectangle. More...
void setRect (const ViewRect &r)
 Sets a new frame rectangle. More...
bool isAttached () const
 Checks if this view is attached to its parent view. More...
tresult isPlatformTypeSupported (FIDString type) SMTG_OVERRIDE
tresult attached (void *parent, FIDString type) SMTG_OVERRIDE
tresult removed () SMTG_OVERRIDE
tresult onWheel (float) SMTG_OVERRIDE
tresult onKeyDown (char16, int16, int16) SMTG_OVERRIDE
tresult onKeyUp (char16, int16, int16) SMTG_OVERRIDE
tresult getSize (ViewRect *size) SMTG_OVERRIDE
tresult onSize (ViewRect *newSize) SMTG_OVERRIDE
tresult onFocus (TBool) SMTG_OVERRIDE
tresult setFrame (IPlugFrame *frame) SMTG_OVERRIDE
tresult canResize () SMTG_OVERRIDE
tresult checkSizeConstraint (ViewRect *) SMTG_OVERRIDE
- Public Member Functions inherited from FUnknown
virtual tresult queryInterface (const TUID _iid, void **obj)=0
virtual uint32 addRef ()=0
virtual uint32 release ()=0

Protected Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from CPluginView
OBJ_METHODS(CPluginView, FObject) DEFINE_INTERFACES DEF_INTERFACE(IPlugView) END_DEFINE_INTERFACES(FObject) REFCOUNT_METHODS(FObject) protected void * systemWindow {nullptr}
IPlugFrameplugFrame {nullptr}
- Static Public Attributes inherited from IPlugView
static const FUID iid
- Static Public Attributes inherited from FUnknown
static const FUID iid

Detailed Description

View related to an edit controller.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EditorView()

EditorView ( EditController controller,
ViewRect size = nullptr 

◆ ~EditorView()

~EditorView ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getController()

EditController* getController ( ) const

Gets its controller part.

◆ attachedToParent()

void attachedToParent ( )

Reimplemented from CPluginView.

◆ removedFromParent()

void removedFromParent ( )

Reimplemented from CPluginView.

Member Data Documentation

◆ controller

EditController* controller

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