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[3.6.12] Host Query Interface support

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Host callback interface for an edit controller: Vst::IPlugInterfaceSupport.

  • [host imp]
  • [released: 3.6.12]
  • [mandatory]

Allows a plug-in to ask the host if a given plug-in interface is supported/used by the host. It is implemented by the hostContext given when the component is initialized.


tresult PLUGIN_API MyPluginController::initialize (FUnknown* context)
    // ...
    FUnknownPtr<IPlugInterfaceSupport> plugInterfaceSupport (context);
    if (plugInterfaceSupport)
        if (plugInterfaceSupport->isPlugInterfaceSupported (IMidiMapping::iid) == kResultTrue)
            // IMidiMapping is used by the host
    // ...

See also IPluginBase.