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[3.6.12] Legacy MIDI CC Out Event

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Legacy MIDI CC Out event specific data: midiCCOut.

Used in Event (union)

  • [released: 3.6.12]

This kind of event is reserved for generating MIDI CC as output event for kEvent Bus during the process call.


In myprocessor.cpp

#include "public.sdk/source/vst/vsteventshelper.h"
tresult PLUGIN_API MyProcessor::process (ProcessData& data)
    int16 channel = 10;
    float value = 0.4f;
    Event evtMIDICC;
    Helpers::initLegacyMIDICCOutEvent (evtMIDICC, kCtrlModWheel, channel, value);
    data.outputEvents->addEvent (evtMIDICC);