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[3.6.6] PlugView Content Scaling

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Plug-in view content scale support: Vst::IPlugViewContentScaleSupport

  • [plug impl]
  • [extends IPlugView]
  • [released: 3.6.6]
  • [optional]

This interface communicates the content scale factor from the host to the plug-in view on systems where plug-ins cannot get this information directly like Microsoft Windows.

The host calls setContentScaleFactor directly after the plug-in view is attached and when the scale factor changes (system change or window moved to another screen with different scaling settings).

The host can call setContentScaleFactor in a different context, for example: scaling the plug-in editor for better readability.

When a plug-in handles this (by returning kResultTrue), it needs to scale the width and height of its view by the scale factor and inform the host via a IPlugFrame::resizeView(), the host will then call IPlugView::onSize().

Note that the host is allowed to call setContentScaleFactor() at any time the IPlugView is valid.