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[3.6.6] PlugView Content Scaling

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Plug-in view content scale support: Vst::IPlugViewContentScaleSupport.

  • [plug impl]
  • [extends IPlugView]
  • [released: 3.6.6]
  • [optional]

This interface communicates the content scale factor from the host to the plug-in view on systems where plug-ins cannot get this information directly like Microsoft Windows.

The host calls setContentScaleFactor directly before or after the plug-in view is attached and when the scale factor changes while the view is attached (system change or window moved to another screen with different scaling settings).

The host may call setContentScaleFactor in a different context, for example: scaling the plug-in editor for better readability.

When a plug-in handles this (by returning kResultTrue), it needs to scale the width and height of its view by the scale factor and inform the host via a IPlugFrame::resizeView(), the host will then call IPlugView::onSize(). The host will then call IPlugView::onSize().

Note that the host is allowed to call setContentScaleFactor() at any time the IPlugView is valid.