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[3.6.8] Request Bus Activation

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Extended host callback interface for an edit controller: Vst::IComponentHandlerBusActivation.

Allows the plug-in to request the host to activate or deactivate a specific bus. If the host accepts this request, it will call later on IComponent::activateBus. This is particularly useful for instruments with more than 1 outputs, where the user could request from the plug-in UI a given output bus activation.

See also IComponentHandler.


// somewhere in your code when you need to inform the host to enable a specific Bus.
FUnknownPtr<IComponentHandlerBusActivation> busActivation (componentHandler);
if (busActivation)
    // here we want to activate our audio input Side-chain (the 2cd input bus: index 1)
    busActivation->requestBusActivation (kAudio, kInput, 1, true);