VSTGUI  4.10
Graphical User Interface Framework not only for VST plugins
CGradientView Class Reference

View which draws a gradient. More...

+ Inheritance diagram for CGradientView:

Public Member Functions

 CGradientView (const CRect &size)
 ~CGradientView () noexcept override=default
void setViewSize (const CRect &rect, bool invalid=true) override
 set views size More...
void draw (CDrawContext *context) override
 called if the view should draw itself More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CView
 CView (const CRect &size)
 CView (const CView &view)
void setSubviewState (bool state)
bool isSubview () const
virtual bool wantsWindowActiveStateChangeNotification () const
 whether this view wants to be informed if the window's active state changes More...
virtual void onWindowActivate (bool state)
 called when the active state of the window changes More...
void setTooltipText (UTF8StringPtr text)
virtual CViewContainerasViewContainer ()
virtual const CViewContainerasViewContainer () const
CMouseEventResult callMouseListener (MouseListenerCall type, CPoint pos, CButtonState buttons)
void callMouseListenerEnteredExited (bool mouseEntered)
CMessageResult notify (CBaseObject *sender, IdStringPtr message) override
void beforeDelete () override
CBaseObjectnewCopy () const override
virtual CMouseEventResult onMouseDown (CPoint &where, const CButtonState &buttons)
 called when a mouse down event occurs More...
virtual CMouseEventResult onMouseUp (CPoint &where, const CButtonState &buttons)
 called when a mouse up event occurs More...
virtual CMouseEventResult onMouseMoved (CPoint &where, const CButtonState &buttons)
 called when a mouse move event occurs More...
virtual CMouseEventResult onMouseCancel ()
 called when mouse tracking should be canceled More...
virtual CMouseEventResult onMouseEntered (CPoint &where, const CButtonState &buttons)
 called when the mouse enters this view More...
virtual CMouseEventResult onMouseExited (CPoint &where, const CButtonState &buttons)
 called when the mouse leaves this view More...
void setHitTestPath (CGraphicsPath *path)
virtual bool hitTest (const CPoint &where, const CButtonState &buttons=-1)
 check if where hits this view More...
virtual bool onWheel (const CPoint &where, const float &distance, const CButtonState &buttons) final
virtual bool onWheel (const CPoint &where, const CMouseWheelAxis &axis, const float &distance, const CButtonState &buttons)
 called if a mouse wheel event is happening over this view More...
virtual void setMouseEnabled (bool bEnable=true)
 turn on/off mouse usage for this view More...
bool getMouseEnabled () const
 get the state of wheather this view uses the mouse or not More...
void setMouseableArea (const CRect &rect)
 set the area in which the view reacts to the mouse More...
CRectgetMouseableArea (CRect &rect) const
 get the area in which the view reacts to the mouse More...
CRect getMouseableArea () const
 get the area in which the view reacts to the mouse More...
bool doDrag (const DragDescription &dragDescription, const SharedPointer< IDragCallback > &callback={})
 start a drag operation More...
virtual SharedPointer< IDropTargetgetDropTarget ()
 get the drag target for drag and drop handling More...
void setDropTarget (const SharedPointer< IDropTarget > &dt)
 set a custom drop target More...
DragResult doDrag (IDataPackage *source, const CPoint &offset=CPoint(0, 0), CBitmap *dragBitmap=nullptr)
 a drag can only be started from within onMouseDown More...
virtual int32_t onKeyDown (VstKeyCode &keyCode)
 called if a key down event occurs and this view has focus More...
virtual int32_t onKeyUp (VstKeyCode &keyCode)
 called if a key up event occurs and this view has focus More...
CCoord getHeight () const
 get the height of the view More...
CCoord getWidth () const
 get the width of the view More...
const CRectgetViewSize () const
 read only access to view size More...
virtual CRect getVisibleViewSize () const
 returns the visible size of the view More...
virtual void parentSizeChanged ()
 notification that one of the views parent has changed its size More...
virtual CPointframeToLocal (CPoint &point) const
 conversion from frame coordinates to local view coordinates More...
virtual CPointlocalToFrame (CPoint &point) const
 conversion from local view coordinates to frame coordinates More...
virtual void setAutosizeFlags (int32_t flags)
 set autosize flags More...
int32_t getAutosizeFlags () const
 get autosize flags More...
virtual bool sizeToFit ()
 resize view to optimal size More...
virtual void looseFocus ()
 called if view should loose focus More...
virtual void takeFocus ()
 called if view should take focus More...
virtual bool wantsFocus () const
 check if view supports focus More...
virtual void setWantsFocus (bool state)
 set focus support on/off More...
bool getAttributeSize (const CViewAttributeID id, uint32_t &outSize) const
 get the size of an attribute More...
bool getAttribute (const CViewAttributeID id, const uint32_t inSize, void *outData, uint32_t &outSize) const
 get an attribute More...
bool setAttribute (const CViewAttributeID id, const uint32_t inSize, const void *inData)
 set an attribute More...
bool removeAttribute (const CViewAttributeID id)
 remove an attribute More...
template<typename T >
bool setAttribute (const CViewAttributeID id, const T &data)
 set an attribute More...
template<typename T >
bool getAttribute (const CViewAttributeID id, T &data) const
 get an attribute More...
virtual void setBackground (CBitmap *background)
 set the background image of this view More...
CBitmapgetBackground () const
 get the background image of this view More...
virtual void setDisabledBackground (CBitmap *background)
 set background image used when the mouse is not enabled More...
CBitmapgetDisabledBackground () const
 get background image used when the mouse is not enabled More...
CBitmapgetDrawBackground () const
 get the bitmap which is drawn depending on the enabled state. More...
virtual void setTransparency (bool val)
 set views transparent state More...
bool getTransparency () const
 get views transparent state More...
virtual void setAlphaValue (float alpha)
 set alpha value which will be applied when drawing this view More...
float getAlphaValue () const
 get alpha value More...
virtual bool removed (CView *parent)
 view is removed from parent view More...
virtual bool attached (CView *parent)
 view is attached to a parent view More...
bool isAttached () const
 is view attached to a parentView More...
CViewgetParentView () const
 get parent view More...
CFramegetFrame () const
 get frame More...
virtual VSTGUIEditorInterfacegetEditor () const
 get editor More...
void addAnimation (IdStringPtr name, Animation::IAnimationTarget *target, Animation::ITimingFunction *timingFunction, CBaseObject *notificationObject)
void addAnimation (IdStringPtr name, Animation::IAnimationTarget *target, Animation::ITimingFunction *timingFunction, const Animation::DoneFunction &doneFunc=nullptr)
void removeAnimation (IdStringPtr name)
void removeAllAnimations ()
void registerViewListener (IViewListener *listener)
void unregisterViewListener (IViewListener *listener)
void registerViewMouseListener (IViewMouseListener *listener)
void unregisterViewMouseListener (IViewMouseListener *listener)
CGraphicsTransform getGlobalTransform (bool ignoreFrame=false) const
 get the active global transform for this view More...
template<typename T >
T & translateToGlobal (T &t, bool ignoreFrame=false) const
 translates a local coordinate to a global one using parent transforms More...
template<typename T >
translateToGlobal (const T &t, bool ignoreFrame=false) const
 translates a local coordinate to a global one using parent transforms More...
template<typename T >
T & translateToLocal (T &t, bool ignoreFrame=false) const
 translates a global coordinate to a local one using parent transforms More...
template<typename T >
translateToLocal (const T &t, bool ignoreFrame=false) const
 translates a local coordinate to a global one using parent transforms More...
virtual void drawRect (CDrawContext *pContext, const CRect &updateRect)
 called if the view should draw itself More...
virtual bool checkUpdate (const CRect &updateRect) const
virtual bool isDirty () const
 check if view is dirty More...
virtual void setDirty (bool val=true)
 set the view to dirty so that it is redrawn in the next idle. More...
virtual void invalidRect (const CRect &rect)
 mark rect as invalid More...
virtual void invalid ()
 mark whole view as invalid More...
virtual void setVisible (bool state)
 set visibility state More...
bool isVisible () const
 get visibility state More...
virtual void onIdle ()
 called on idle when view wants idle More...
void setWantsIdle (bool state)
 enable/disable onIdle() callback More...
bool wantsIdle () const
 returns if the view wants idle callback or not More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBaseObject
 CBaseObject ()=default
 ~CBaseObject () noexcept override=default
 CBaseObject (const CBaseObject &o)
CBaseObjectoperator= (const CBaseObject &obj)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ReferenceCounted< T >
 ReferenceCounted ()=default
virtual ~ReferenceCounted () noexcept=default
 ReferenceCounted (const ReferenceCounted &)
ReferenceCountedoperator= (const ReferenceCounted &)
void forget () override
 decrease refcount and delete object if refcount == 0 More...
void remember () override
 increase refcount More...
virtual int32_t getNbReference () const
 get refcount More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void attributeChanged ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CView
 ~CView () noexcept override
CGraphicsPathgetHitTestPath () const
bool hasViewFlag (int32_t bit) const
void setViewFlag (int32_t bit, bool state)
void setAlphaValueNoInvalidate (float value)
void setParentFrame (CFrame *frame)
void setParentView (CView *parent)

Protected Attributes

GradientStyle gradientStyle {kLinearGradient}
CColor frameColor {kBlackCColor}
double gradientAngle {0.}
CCoord roundRectRadius {5.}
CCoord frameWidth {1.}
CCoord radialRadius {1.}
CPoint radialCenter {0.5, 0.5}
bool drawAntialiased {true}
SharedPointer< CGraphicsPathpath
SharedPointer< CGradientgradient

Gradient Style Methods

enum  GradientStyle { kLinearGradient, kRadialGradient }
void setGradientStyle (GradientStyle style)
void setGradient (CGradient *gradient)
void setFrameColor (const CColor &newColor)
void setGradientAngle (double angle)
void setRoundRectRadius (CCoord radius)
void setFrameWidth (CCoord width)
void setDrawAntialiased (bool state)
void setRadialCenter (const CPoint &center)
void setRadialRadius (CCoord radius)
GradientStyle getGradientStyle () const
CGradientgetGradient () const
const CColorgetFrameColor () const
double getGradientAngle () const
CCoord getRoundRectRadius () const
CCoord getFrameWidth () const
bool getDrawAntialised () const
const CPointgetRadialCenter () const
CCoord getRadialRadius () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CView
enum  MouseListenerCall { MouseDown, MouseMoved, MouseUp, MouseCancel }
- Static Public Attributes inherited from CView
static bool kDirtyCallAlwaysOnMainThread = false
 if this is true, setting a view dirty will call invalid() instead of checking it in idle. More...
static uint32_t idleRate
 global idle rate in Hz, defaults to 30 Hz More...
- Protected Types inherited from CView
enum  {
  kMouseEnabled = 1 << 0, kTransparencyEnabled = 1 << 1, kWantsFocus = 1 << 2, kIsAttached = 1 << 3,
  kVisible = 1 << 4, kDirty = 1 << 5, kWantsIdle = 1 << 6, kIsSubview = 1 << 7,
  kHasAlpha = 1 << 8, kHasBackground = 1 << 9, kHasDisabledBackground = 1 << 10, kHasMouseableArea = 1 << 11,
  kLastCViewFlag = 11

Detailed Description

View which draws a gradient.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ GradientStyle


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CGradientView()

CGradientView ( const CRect size)

◆ ~CGradientView()

~CGradientView ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ attributeChanged()

void attributeChanged ( )

◆ draw()

void draw ( CDrawContext pContext)

called if the view should draw itself

pContextdraw context in which to draw

Reimplemented from CView.

◆ getDrawAntialised()

bool getDrawAntialised ( ) const

◆ getFrameColor()

const CColor& getFrameColor ( ) const

◆ getFrameWidth()

CCoord getFrameWidth ( ) const

◆ getGradient()

CGradient* getGradient ( ) const

◆ getGradientAngle()

double getGradientAngle ( ) const

◆ getGradientStyle()

GradientStyle getGradientStyle ( ) const

◆ getRadialCenter()

const CPoint& getRadialCenter ( ) const

◆ getRadialRadius()

CCoord getRadialRadius ( ) const

◆ getRoundRectRadius()

CCoord getRoundRectRadius ( ) const

◆ setDrawAntialiased()

void setDrawAntialiased ( bool  state)

◆ setFrameColor()

void setFrameColor ( const CColor newColor)

◆ setFrameWidth()

void setFrameWidth ( CCoord  width)

◆ setGradient()

void setGradient ( CGradient gradient)

◆ setGradientAngle()

void setGradientAngle ( double  angle)

◆ setGradientStyle()

void setGradientStyle ( GradientStyle  style)

◆ setRadialCenter()

void setRadialCenter ( const CPoint center)

◆ setRadialRadius()

void setRadialRadius ( CCoord  radius)

◆ setRoundRectRadius()

void setRoundRectRadius ( CCoord  radius)

◆ setViewSize()

void setViewSize ( const CRect newSize,
bool  doInvalid = true 

set views size

newSizerect of new size of view
doInvalidif true set view dirty

Reimplemented from CView.

Member Data Documentation

◆ drawAntialiased

bool drawAntialiased {true}

◆ frameColor

CColor frameColor {kBlackCColor}

◆ frameWidth

CCoord frameWidth {1.}

◆ gradient

SharedPointer<CGradient> gradient

◆ gradientAngle

double gradientAngle {0.}

◆ gradientStyle

GradientStyle gradientStyle {kLinearGradient}

◆ path

SharedPointer<CGraphicsPath> path

◆ radialCenter

CPoint radialCenter {0.5, 0.5}

◆ radialRadius

CCoord radialRadius {1.}

◆ roundRectRadius

CCoord roundRectRadius {5.}

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