VST 3 SDK  VST 3.7
SDK for developing VST plug-in
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|||oCSetupMPE setup structure
|||\CProcessorMPE Decompose Processor
|||\CParameterUtility class to handle sample accurate parameter changes coming from IParamValueQueue
||oCAudioEffectDefault implementation for a VST 3 audio effect
||oCBusBasic Bus object
||oCEventBusDescription of an Event Bus
||oCAudioBusDescription of an Audio Bus
||oCBusListList of Busses
||oCComponentDefault implementation for a VST 3 Component
||oCComponentBaseBase class for VST 3 Component and Edit Controller
||oCEditControllerDefault implementation for a VST 3 edit controller
||oCEditorViewView related to an edit controller
||oCUnitUnit element
||oCProgramListProgramList element
||oCProgramListWithPitchNamesProgramListWithPitchNames element
||oCEditControllerEx1Advanced implementation (support IUnitInfo) for a VST 3 edit controller
||oCVSTGUIEditorBase class for an edit view using VSTGUI
||oCNoteExpressionTypeNote expression type object
||oCRangeNoteExpressionTypeNote expression type object representing a custom range
||oCNoteExpressionTypeContainerCollection of note expression types
||oCParameterDescription of a Parameter
||oCRangeParameterDescription of a RangeParameter
||oCStringListParameterDescription of a StringListParameter
||oCParameterContainerCollection of parameters
||oCPresetFileHandler for a VST 3 Preset File
|||\CEntryInternal structure used for chunk handling
||oCFileStreamStream implementation for a file using stdio
||oCReadOnlyBStreamStream representing a Read-Only subsection of its source stream
||oCBufferStreamStream implementation for a memory buffer
||oCXmlRepresentationHelperHelper for XML Representation creation
Default implementation for a non-distributable Plug-in that combines

processor and edit controller in one component

||oCSpeakerArrayHelper class representing speaker arrangement as array of speaker types
||oCConnectionProxyHelper for creating and initializing component
||oCEventListExample implementation of IEventList
||oCHostApplicationImplementation's example of IHostApplication
||oCHostAttributeListExample, ready to use implementation of IAttributeList
||oCHostMessageExample implementation of IMessage
||oCParameterValueQueueImplementation's example of IParamValueQueue - not threadsave!
||oCParameterChangesImplementation's example of IParameterChanges - not threadsave!
||oCParameterChangeTransferRing buffer for transferring parameter changes from a writer to a read thread
||oCPlugInterfaceSupportExample implementation of IPlugInterfaceSupport
||oCPlugProviderHelper for creating and initializing component
||oCHostProcessDataExtension of ProcessData
||oCTestBaseTest Helper
||oCTestEnhTest Helper
||oCParamPointAutomationTest helper classes
||oCParamChangesAutomationTest helper classes: implementation of IParamValueQueue
||oCProcessDataSlicerProcess Data Slicer
||\CRTTransferTTransfer objects from a non realtime thread to a realtime one
|oCCPluginViewPlug-In view default implementation
|\CMemoryStreamMemory based Stream for IBStream implementation (using malloc)
|| \CSnapshot
||  \CImageDesc
|oCVst2xProgramStructure holding the content of a vst2 fxp format stream
|\CVst2xStateStructure holding the content of a vst2 fxb format stream
\CVSTInterAppAudioAppDelegateBaseBase UIApplicationDelegate class

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