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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCAudioBusBuffersProcessing buffers of an audio bus

This is the structure used with getBusInfo, informing the host about what is a specific given bus

oCChordDescription of a chord
oCChordEventChord event specific data
oCDataEventData event specific data
Structure representing a single Event of different types associated to a specific event (kEvent) bus
Frame Rate 

A frame rate describes the number of image (frame) displayed per second

oCFUnknown [external]
|oCIPluginBase [external]
||oCIComponentComponent base interface: Vst::IComponent
||\CIEditControllerEdit controller component interface: Vst::IEditController

ITest interface declaration

Class factory that any testable module defines for creating tests

that will be executed from the host

Test Result message logger

[host imp] when a test is called, a pointer to an ITestResult is passed in, so the test class can output error messages

A collection of tests supporting a hierarchical ordering 

[host imp] [create via hostclasses]

|oCIInfoListenerChannel context interface: Vst::IInfoListener
|oCIAttributeListAttribute list used in IMessage and IStreamAttributes: Vst::IAttributeList
|oCIAudioPresentationLatencyExtended IAudioProcessor interface for a component: Vst::IAudioPresentationLatency
|oCIAudioProcessorAudio processing interface: Vst::IAudioProcessor
|oCIAutomationStateExtended plug-in interface IEditController: Vst::IAutomationState
|oCIComponentHandlerHost callback interface for an edit controller: Vst::IComponentHandler
|oCIComponentHandler2Extended host callback interface for an edit controller: Vst::IComponentHandler2
|oCIComponentHandler3Extended host callback interface Vst::IComponentHandler3 for an edit controller
|oCIComponentHandlerBusActivationExtended host callback interface for an edit controller: Vst::IComponentHandlerBusActivation
|oCIComponentHandlerSystemTimeExtended plug-in interface IComponentHandler for an edit controller
|oCIConnectionPointConnect a component with another one: Vst::IConnectionPoint
|oCIContextMenuContext Menu interface: Vst::IContextMenu
|oCIContextMenuTargetContext Menu Item Target interface: Vst::IContextMenuTarget
|oCIDataExchangeHandlerHost Data Exchange handler interface: Vst::IDataExchangeHandler
|oCIDataExchangeReceiverData Exchange Receiver interface: Vst::IDataExchangeReceiver
|oCIEditController2Edit controller component interface extension: Vst::IEditController2
|oCIEditControllerHostEditingParameter Editing from host: Vst::IEditControllerHostEditing
|oCIEventListList of events to process: Vst::IEventList
|oCIHostApplicationBasic host callback interface: Vst::IHostApplication
|oCIInterAppAudioConnectionNotificationExtended plug-in interface IEditController for Inter-App Audio connection state change notifications
|oCIInterAppAudioHostInter-App Audio host Interface
|oCIInterAppAudioPresetManagerExtended plug-in interface IEditController for Inter-App Audio Preset Management
|oCIKeyswitchControllerExtended plug-in interface IEditController for key switches support: Vst::IKeyswitchController
|oCIMessagePrivate plug-in message: Vst::IMessage
|oCIMidiLearnMIDI Learn interface: Vst::IMidiLearn
|oCIMidiMappingMIDI Mapping interface: Vst::IMidiMapping
|oCINoteExpressionControllerExtended plug-in interface IEditController for note expression event support: Vst::INoteExpressionController
|oCINoteExpressionPhysicalUIMappingExtended plug-in interface IEditController for note expression event support: Vst::INoteExpressionPhysicalUIMapping
|oCIParameterChangesAll parameter changes of a processing block: Vst::IParameterChanges
|oCIParameterFinderExtension for IPlugView to find view parameters (lookup value under mouse support): Vst::IParameterFinder
|oCIParameterFunctionNameEdit controller component interface extension: Vst::IParameterFunctionName
|oCIParamValueQueueQueue of changes for a specific parameter: Vst::IParamValueQueue
|oCIPlugInterfaceSupportHost callback interface for an edit controller: Vst::IPlugInterfaceSupport
|oCIPrefetchableSupportIndicates that the plug-in could or not support Prefetch (dynamically): Vst::IPrefetchableSupport
|oCIProcessContextRequirementsExtended IAudioProcessor interface for a component: Vst::IProcessContextRequirements
|oCIProgramListDataComponent extension to access program list data: Vst::IProgramListData
|oCIProgressExtended host callback interface for an edit controller: Vst::IProgress
|oCIRemapParamIDExtended IEditController interface for a component
|oCIStreamAttributesMeta attributes of a stream: Vst::IStreamAttributes
|oCITestPlugProviderTest Helper
||\CITestPlugProvider2Test Helper extension
|oCIUnitDataComponent extension to access unit data: Vst::IUnitData
|oCIUnitHandlerHost callback for unit support: Vst::IUnitHandler
|oCIUnitHandler2Host callback for extended unit support: Vst::IUnitHandler2
|oCIUnitInfoEdit controller extension to describe the plug-in structure: Vst::IUnitInfo
|oCIVst3ToAAXWrapperVST 3 to AAX Wrapper interface: Vst::IVst3ToAAXWrapper
|oCIVst3ToAUWrapperVST 3 to AU Wrapper interface: Vst::IVst3ToAUWrapper
|oCIVst3ToVst2WrapperVST 3 to VST 2 Wrapper interface: Vst::IVst3ToVst2Wrapper
|oCIVst3WrapperMPESupportWrapper MPE Support interface: Vst::IVst3WrapperMPESupport
|\CIXmlRepresentationControllerExtended plug-in interface IEditController for a component: Vst::IXmlRepresentationController
oCIContextMenuItemIContextMenuItem is an entry element of the context menu
KeyswitchInfo is the structure describing a key switch

This structure is used by the method IKeyswitchController::getKeyswitchInfo

oCLegacyMIDICCOutEventLegacy MIDI CC Out event specific data
oCNoteExpressionTextEventNote Expression Text event
oCNoteExpressionTypeInfoNoteExpressionTypeInfo is the structure describing a note expression supported by the plug-in
Description of a Note Expression Type

This structure is part of the NoteExpressionTypeInfo structure, it describes for given NoteExpressionTypeID its default value (for example 0.5 for a kTuningTypeID (kIsBipolar: centered)), its minimum and maximum (for predefined NoteExpressionTypeID the full range is predefined too) and a stepCount when the given NoteExpressionTypeID is limited to discrete values (like on/off state)

oCNoteExpressionValueEventNote Expression Value event
oCNoteOffEventNote-off event specific data
oCNoteOnEventNote-on event specific data
oCParameterInfoController Parameter Info
oCPhysicalUIMapPhysicalUIMap describes a mapping of a noteExpression Type to a Physical UI Type
oCPhysicalUIMapListPhysicalUIMapList describes a list of PhysicalUIMap
oCPolyPressureEventPolyPressure event specific data
oCProcessContextAudio processing context
oCProcessDataAny data needed in audio processing
oCProcessSetupAudio processing setup
oCProgramListInfoBasic Program List Description
RepresentationInfo is the structure describing a representation

This structure is used in the function

Routing Information:

When the plug-in supports multiple I/O busses, a host may want to know how the busses are related

oCScaleEventScale event specific data
\CUnitInfoBasic Unit Description

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